Human Resources

Staff Policies

B. Alternative Work Schedules

3. Job sharing

Subject to the supervisor's approval and the needs of the college, employees may job share a position under terms and conditions as defined by the college.

Job share is defined as one budgeted full-time position that is being shared by two part-time employees. 

The supervisor reserves the right to discontinue the job share arrangement at any time he/she has reason to believe that continuing the job share arrangement is no longer in the best interest of Reed College. 

Each employee's status is that of a part-time employee. All conditions of employment and status will be that accorded to a regular part-time employee, including but not limited to eligibility for insurance benefits, holiday pay, vacation accrual, and sick leave accrual.

Normally, the hours are divided so that one employee receives insurance benefits and the other does not. However, there may be situations in which the hours are divided equally and both parties receive insurance benefits. This adds considerably to the cost for the college and should be considered carefully before making a final decision. In any case, the employees are expected to collectively work the regular schedule of the full-time position. In the absence of one member of the job share team, the supervisor has the right to expect that the other member will work the full hours when required to do so.

Each job share team member will learn and perform all aspects of the full-time position. All performance standards and appraisals will be based on the full duties of the position. 

last revised: 3/15/2013

last reviewed: 3/15/2013

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