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III. Employment Policies

M. Public domain

All work-related information and materials are the property of Reed College, including but not limited to office files on paper and electronic files, electronic mail messages and files, and voicemail messages and files.

Electronic communication is not private.  It is possible for monitoring to occur, and it is subject to eavesdropping.  Personal, private, and/or confidential information should not be passed electronically or stored in any kind of public domain.

Computer files are not inherently secure.  While the college takes steps to prevent unauthorized access, files may still be read or altered through error or mischief.  The college respects individuals’ privacy.  However, it reserves the right to examine files stored or transmitted on college equipment in certain cases such as potential violations of the law or college policy.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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