Human Resources

Staff Policies

B. Salary Administration Plan

10. Operating and control procedures

Maintenance of salary structure

The college's pay structure will be reviewed annually to determine its adequacy. Adjustments may be made to the structure and salaries paid to individuals may be adjusted at such time.

Establishment of new positions

The establishment of a new position requires prior approval of the Vice President/Treasurer in consultation with the Director of Human Resources. No commitment to hire may precede this approval.

Proposals for establishment of a new position must be accompanied by:

  • documentation explaining need;
  • a position description; and
  • a revised department organizational chart showing proposed new position.

After approval for the establishment of the position, the Director of Human Resources will arrange for position evaluation to determine the appropriate classification and salary range in consultation with the supervisor.

The supervisor will draft the new classification description, if one is required. All final classification descriptions must be reviewed by the Director of Human Resources.

Reevaluation procedures

Employees and supervisors are responsible for revising and updating classification descriptions. The Director of Human Resources will assist in the final editing of the classification description.

After approvals have been received on the revised classification description, the Director of Human Resources will reevaluate the classification and grade.

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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