Human Resources

Staff Policies and Procedures Manual

K. Tuition Programs

1. Tuition remission for spouse or domestic partner

Reed College reserves the right to change, terminate or otherwise modify any or all provisions of the following benefits at any time and for any reason.


  • Spouse or domestic partners, as defined by the college, of regular full-time employees  and regular part-time employees who work .5 FTE or more annually;
  • if hired prior to July 1, 1993 must have three or more years of service;
  • if hired after July 1, 1993 faculty must have tenure and staff must have six or more years of service in an eligible class.

The program

Spouse or domestic partner may audit courses at the college with permission of the instructor without payment of the usual audit fee.

Spouse or domestic partners may also enroll in courses at the college and work toward a Reed degree, upon payment of one-third of the usual tuition and fees for the courses taken, if the individual has been admitted to the college through regular admissions programs.

last revised: 7/1/2007

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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