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K. Tuition Programs

2. Tuition remission program for dependent children

Reed College reserves the right to change, terminate or otherwise modify any or all provisions of the following benefits at any time and for any reason.


  • the employee must work at least .5 FTE or more annually in an eligible job class to be eligible for tuition remission;
  • the amount of any grant will be reduced for part-time employees in direct proportion to hours worked;
  • if hired prior to July 1, 1993, must have three or more years of service;
  • if hired after July 1, 1993, faculty must have tenure and staff must have six or more years of service in an eligible class;
  • dependent children of deceased faculty or staff are eligible if the faculty/staff member was employed by Reed College prior to September 2, 2001 in an eligible category for at least ten years; if employed on or after September 2, 2001 in an eligible category, the deceased employee must have at least twenty years of service to qualify;
  • dependent children of retired employees are eligible if the employee meets the criteria for eligibility for retiree health insurance benefits at the time of retirement and if the dependent children were dependents at the time of retirement;
  • dependent children must be qualified as an exemption under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code and be claimed as a dependent on the employee's most recent tax form.

The program

Upon admittance to Reed College through the regular admissions process, those eligible will receive a waiver of full tuition and required fees.

Upon admittance to any other college outside the tuition exchange program, those eligible will receive a grant in an amount not exceeding two-thirds of tuition and required fees at the college attended, but the grant may not exceed more than two-thirds of Reed College's tuition and required fees.

The exact percentage of the grant may depend in part upon Reed College's budgetary situation, and any change of the percentage in effect for any given academic year will be announced as soon as possible in the year preceding.

Payment will be made directly by Reed College to the other college. The receiving college may include the amount of this grant in determining financial aid need for the student. Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the attending college.

last revised: 2/1/2012

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