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K. Tuition Programs

3. Tuition exchange program for dependent children

Reed College reserves the right to change, terminate or otherwise modify any or all provisions of the following benefits at any time and for any reason.

Important note: the five institutions that participate in the program outlined below, have made the decision to end this program. First-year students entering college in the fall 2015 will be the final class. Refer to memo announcement dated June 10, 2011 – Northwest Tuition Exchange.


  • the employee must work full-time in an eligible job class to be eligible for the tuition exchange program;
  • if hired prior to July 1, 1993, must have three or more years of service;
  • if hired after July 1, 1993, faculty must have tenure and staff must have six or more   years of service in an eligible class;
  • dependent children of deceased faculty or staff are eligible if the faculty/staff member was employed by Reed College prior to September 2, 2001 in an eligible category for at least ten years; if employed on or after September 2, 2001 in an eligible category, the deceased employee must have at least twenty years of service to qualify;
  • dependent children of retired employees are eligible if the employee meets the criteria for eligibility for retiree health insurance benefits at the time of retirement and if the dependent children were dependents at the time of retirement;
  • dependent children must be qualified as an exemption under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code and be claimed as a dependent on the employee's most recent tax form.

The program

Reed College is a participant in the Northwest Independent College Tuition Exchange Program.

Institutions in this program offer waivers of tuition for dependent children who are admitted through regular admission procedures. However, this benefit to dependent children of employees is subject to availability based on student enrollments from the participating institutions, so the full benefit may not be available to every college every year.

The colleges participating in the program along with Reed College are: Lewis and Clark College, University of Puget Sound, Willamette University and Whitman College (Whitman is not accepting Reed students at this time).

Please check with the Reed College Financial Aid Office for available participants and further information on the tuition exchange program.

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last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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