Human Resources

Staff Policies and Procedures Manual

VII. Benefits

B. Supplemental retirement annuities

Reed College reserves the right to change, terminate or otherwise modify any or all provisions of the following benefits at any time and for any reason. This is a summary only; refer to the plan document for specific and complete information.


All employees are permitted to have elective deferrals contributed to the Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRA) on their behalf except students. Participation in the SRA plan may begin immediately.

The plan

College employees may voluntarily contribute to the SRA, which is a Section 403(b) tax deferred annuity plan.  Contributions are subject to limitations established by the Internal Revenue Service. SRA contracts differ from the regular TIAA-CREF annuities in that generally the owner may access the funds through withdrawals or loan procedures not possible with the retirement plan annuity.

The descriptions and regulations of the TIAA-CREF supplemental retirement annuity program are available directly from the company, but the Human Resources Office can assist in getting information from TIAA-CREF and in answering questions.

last revised: 2/13/2012

last reviewed: 2/13/2012

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