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Staff Policies

II. Administration

C. Staff committees

Awards Committee

Charge: Plan the annual staff recognition lunch to celebrate staff and their service milestones and to present the Excellence Award.
Composition: 3 staff members; 1 ex-officio member of HR team
Term: one academic year

Benefits Committee

Charge: Evaluate and make recommendations for a comprehensive, effective benefits program for staff and faculty.
Composition: 3 staff members; 3 faculty members; 3 ex-officio: Assistant Director of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources and Vice President/Treasurer
Term: staff: three academic years; faculty: one academic year but may be re-appointed

Davis Projects for Peach and McGill Lawrence Internship Readers

Charge: Read and rank students’ grant proposals for these two programs.
Composition: 2 staff members; 2 faculty members; 1 ex-officio: Director of Career Services
Term: one academic year

Excellence Award Committee

Charge: Evaluate the Excellence Award nominations received each spring, refer from 0-2 staff to the President for final approval.
Composition: the prior year’s recipient(s), if any, plus additional member(s) of the Reed community to equal 3 members.
Term: one academic year

Gray Fund Committee

Charge: Assist in planning Gray Fund social, recreational and educational events for the community.
Composition: 2 staff members, faculty, students
Term: two academic years

Honor Council

Charge: Responsible for educating members of the community about the meaning and importance of responsible and honorable conduct at Reed College. It is also intended to provide advice to persons seeking resolution of disputes and most importantly to informally mediate such disputes prior to more formal action.
Composition: students, faculty, and staff; an equal number of each
Term: three academic years; staggered terms

Reed Entertainers Program Committee

Charge: Plan the annual talent show consisting of Reed College faculty, staff and volunteer entertainers.
Composition: 3-5 community members
Term: one academic year but may be re-appointed

Reed Union Committee

Charge: Assist in planning and coordinating all-community meetings (Reed Unions) when matters of specific relevance to the Reed community arise.
Composition: 2 staff members, 2 faculty, and 3 students
Term: two academic years

Safety Committee

Charge as determined by Oregon state law:

  • develop and maintain a loss prevention plan;
  • evaluate the employer’s policies and procedures affecting health and safety in the workplace and make written recommendations;
  • must hold monthly meetings with a written agenda and post minutes;
  • must have a system to elicit suggestions and complaints;
  • must have quarterly workplace inspections;
  • review safety and health plans and procedures and loss prevention efforts;
  • investigate accidental injuries and deaths;
  • review safety and health training.

Composition: must have at least 4 members and an equal number of employee/employer representatives; 4 ex-officio: Environmental/Safety Coordinator, Assistant Director of Human Resources, and 2 Science Lab and Stockroom Managers; 1 position elected by custodial staff; must include one member of Community Safety.
Term: two academic years; staggered terms

Sustainability Committee

Charge: Coordinates the college’s activities in support of sustainability. Monitors the current environmental impact of the campus and reports its findings annually to the community. The committee encourages proposals and suggestions from the community for ways to improve current sustainability practices and helps to determine which practices to investigate and adopt.  Includes transportation matters. 
Composition: 4 ex-officio staff members: Vice President/Treasurer, Director of Facilities Operations, Director of EHS, Canyon Manager; 3 faculty
Term: one academic year

Take Your Child to Work Day

Charge: Plan and coordinate the annual all-day event for children of staff and faculty.
Composition: 3 staff members to include the Director of Facilities Operations, EHS Coordinator, VP/Treasurer, 3 Faculty and 2 or more students
Term: one academic year

Wellness Committee

Charge: Develop, promote, and implement stand-alone and on-going programs to promote the health and well-being of Reed College community members.
Composition: 5-7 staff members; 1 ex-officio: Medical Services Manager; 2 students; 1 faculty member
Term: one academic year

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