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The Human Resources Department oversees the integrity and consistent application of the college’s human resources policies, including equal opportunity, and provides some important central services for these. As appropriate, it recommends new directions and improvements in these policies. It also provides information about the college’s human resources policies, including understanding of applicable federal, state and local laws.

It assists various college offices in human resource planning and process: classification of positions, setting compensation, recruitment and selection of new staff, orientation, performance appraisals, labor relations, and corrective action. It maintains personnel records for all members of the staff and faculty.

It provides assistance to individual members of the staff and faculty with regard to the college’s benefits programs, researches available plans and carriers, negotiates contracts, prepares appropriate informational booklets, brochures and other communications, and completes government reports regarding benefits. It provides advice and guidance to supervisors, staff and faculty regarding work-related issues and problems.

It is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the college’s grievance procedure for staff. In this regard it provides information and advice both to college offices and to individual members of the staff who may be involved in a grievance, it undertakes fact-finding or mediation where appropriate, and it maintains records in the formal phase of grievances.

It sponsors or provides training and staff development programs for members of the staff and faculty including programs that focus on performance review, performance awards and recognition of staff. 

It is responsible for overseeing compensation, performance review, performance award, and staff recognition. In this regard, the Human Resources Office has the following important responsibilities that it shares in various ways with the supervisory staff of the college. It is responsible for developing and recommending system-wide recognition programs.

It is charged with maintaining the integrity of the classification/compensation plan by maintaining an accurate and updated catalog of classification descriptions, ensuring that they are objective and fair, reviewing and adjusting grade allocations as appropriate, and regularly distributing the plan to the staff. The classification/compensation plan provides an overall framework for compensation and provides a basis for performance reviews. It is charged with developing and recommending modifications of our compensation programs to ensure fairness and equity, and of our programs to recognize and reward employees for superior performance.

It is charged with developing and recommending revisions of our performance review process to see that it is both fair and flexible, and that it assesses consistency and equity on a system-wide basis. Human Resources should also ensure that performance reviews are properly filed in staff personnel files.

It is charged with assisting supervisory staff in developing individual methods or programs that recognize the importance and value of each staff member.

The office is located in Eliot Hall, Room 305 and is open normal office hours each weekday.

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