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Benefits open enrollment

February 17th-March 3rd, 2014

Open enrollment is your annual opportunity to review current benefit elections and make choices for the upcoming plan year, which starts on April 1st.   Choose to enroll, change from one medical or dental plan to another, add or remove dependents or waive coverage.

If you do not wish to make any changes to your benefits and do not elect to participate in a flexible spending account during the 2014-2015 plan year and do not wish to waive medical and/or dental coverage, no action is required at this time.

What action do I need to take during open enrollment?
Medical and dental plan comparisons
What if I want to waive coverage this year?
Flexible spending accounts
How do I access my current benefit statement?
What if I want to change my TIAA-CREF contribution?
What if I want help making changes to my benefits?
Annual disclosures and notices
Summary plan documents and detailed coverage information by plan
Wellness and benefits fair
Impact of the Affordable Care Act
Confirmation of your 2014-2015 benefits elections

What action do I need to take during open enrollment?

If you are not making any changes to your benefits and do not wish to participate in a flexible spending account, no action is required during open enrollment and all of your benefits will remain the same.

Action is required during open enrollment to:

  • Enroll/re-enroll in a health care or child care flexible spending account (FSA)
  • Switch between our available medical and/or dental carriers
  • Add or drop coverage for yourself and/or qualifying dependents
  • Waive medical coverage for the plan year (even if you have waived in previous years)

Do any of these apply to you? If so, click here to complete the benefits open enrollment change form.

Click here to complete the medical and dental waiver form if you wish to waive medical coverage for the 2014-2015 plan year.

2014 medical and dental plan comparisons

Effective April 1, 2014 Reed's medical insurance providers continue to be Kaiser and Pioneer Educators Health Trust (Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield).  Reed's dental providers continue to be Wilamette Dental, Kaiser and the PEHT Trust (Regence). Take a look at the medical and dental plan comparison charts below for an overview of some plan details and visit the Benefits Plan Documents page to access more detailed plan summaries and certificates of coverage for detailed information.

Reed College Medical Plan Comparison

Kaiser HMO/Kaiser Provider Network HMO/Specialist referral required
Pioneer Educators Medical Trust Plan/Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/No specialist referral required
Network In-network only In-network Out-of-network
Annual out of pocket limit




Annual deductible

individual: $250
family: $750

individual: $500
family: $1,500

Preventive care
100% covered/no co-pay 100% covered/no co-pay 40% cost share
Primary & specialty care
$20 co-pay $25 co-pay 40% cost share
Lab & x-ray
no charge 20% cost share 40% cost share
Inpatient surgery

$50 per day up to $250 per admission

20% cost share 40% cost share
Outpatient surgery
$20 per visit 20% cost share 40% cost share
Urgent care
$20 per visit $25 co-pay $25 co-pay
Emergency room
$75 per visit 20% cost share after
a $150 co-pay
Ambulance services
$75 per trip 20% cost share


preferred brand & specialty

Kaiser pharmacy only


preferred brand: $40

Rx mail order

up to 90 day supply for $30

preferred brand
up to 90 day supply for $60

$30 for a 90 day supply

preferred brand
$60 for a 90 day supply

$20 co-pay for eye exams only not covered not covered
Annual limit of what the plan pays
No limit No limit No limit

Reed College Dental Plan Comparison for Plan Year:

Willamette Dental
Kaiser Dental
Regence Dental
$0 $0

$50 individual/$150 family per calendar year

Office visit co-pay

$10 ($30 for specialty visits)

$20 $0
Preventive services (including exams, x-rays and cleanings)
No additional charge No additional charge No additional charge
No additional charge No additional charge 20% cost share

No additional charge for stainless steel crowns, $50 charge for porcelain-metal crowns

No additional charge for plastic and steel crowns. $20 cost share for gold or porcelain crowns 50% cost share
$50 per tooth 20% cost share 50% cost share
Routine extraction
No additional charge No additional charge 20% cost share
Oral surgery
$50 20% co-insurance 20% cost share
not covered not covered not covered

$1,200 for comprehensive service

50% cost share lifetime benefits maximum of $1,500 50% cost share with a $1,500 lifetime maximum benfefit
$100 complete upper or lower dentures 20% cost share 50% cost share
Annual maximum benefit
No maximum $1,500 $1,500
Is there a network of providers?

Yes, participants must go to a Willamette Dental office

Yes, participants must go to a Kaiser Dental office

The plan year runs from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. These charts provide a brief comparison of some plan benefits and is not a comprehensive explanation of all benefits under these plans. Please refer to the summary plan documents on the Benefits Plan Documents page for detailed plan information. To request paper copies, contact human resources at or by calling 503-777-7255

Medical and dental plan cost

Effective April 1, 2014, the premiums that Reed pays medical and dental carriers will change based on the results of our annual renewal process.  This year the Kaiser medical plan total cost increases by 6.5% while the PEHT Trust Regence PPO plan decreases by 5.8%. The Willamette Dental plan cost has no change while the Kaiser dental increases by 2.2% and the Regence FFS dental plan decreases by 6.5%. Kaiser medical and Willamette Dental remain the "core" benefit plans, with Reed paying 100% of the employee cost for these plans. 

Medical cost per pay period

Reed contribution per pay period
Cost to employee per pay period
Individual $245.36 $0
Two-party $368.04 $122.68
Family (3 or more) $466.18 $220.82
Individual $245.37 $25.04
Two-party $368.04 $172.84
Family $466.18 $291.06

Dental cost per pay period

Reed contribution per pay period
Cost to employee per pay period
Willamette Dental
Individual $20.35 $0
Two-party $30.53 $10.18
Family $40.80 $20.43
Kaiser Dental
Individual $20.35 $7.81
Two-party $30.53 $26.10
Family $40.79 $38.49
PEHT Regence Dental
Individual $20.35 $6.18
Two-party $30.53 $22.55
Family $40.80 $33.51

**Pro-rated premiums:  Per Reed policy, the employee contribution to the Kaiser (core) medical plan will not exceed 9.5% of the full-time equivalent of the employee's base salary or wage.  Employee paycheck contributions will be reduced based on a sliding scale if it is determined that the there is a qualification for an adjusted rate. Qualifications for reduced premiums are re-evaluated every plan year and will be adjusted as of the first pay period in April based on your plan elections for the year and your current salary or wage.  

What if I want to waive coverage this year?

Faculty and staff who are eligible for Reed health insurance but are covered under a spouse of domestic partner's policy may waive Reeds health insurance. To waive insurance for the 2014-2015 plan year you will need to complete a medical waiver form and return it to human resources. Waivers must be re-submitted each year in order to qualify for the lump sum payment and must be submitted by the last day of open enrollment on March 3, 2014.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Reed offers two types of flexible spending accounts, both of which enable you to set aside pre-tax dollars, increasing your take home pay by decreasing your taxable income. You can reduce the costs of medical expenses not covered by insurance and dependent daycare expenses by paying these costs on a pre-tax basis. Click here to read more about flexible spending account plans offered through Allegience. Remember that even if you have participated in a flexible spending account during the last plan year, re-enrollment is required. To re-enroll, complete the online benefits open enrollment change form to choose your contribution amounts for the 2014-2015 plan year.

How do I access my current benefits statement?

View your current benefits elections, including a list of currently covered dependents by logging into Griffin Payroll Services (GPS).  If you have forgotten your PIN, email and you will be sent a new PIN.

What if I want to change my TIAA-CREF contribution?

Benefits eligible faculty and staff are able to enroll in and/or make changes to their TIAA-CREF retirement plan contributions at any time. If you wish to change the amount you contribute to your retirement account, submit a salary reduction form to human resources. 

What if I want help with making changes to my benefits?

Human Resources will be holding drop-in enrollment workshops in ETC 211 on the following dates and times:

2/19/2014, 8am-11am

2/20/2014, 3pm-6pm

2/21/2014, 8am-10am & 2pm-7pm

If you need help and are unable to make one of the above drop-in sessions, please call human resources at 503-777-7255 for assistance.

Wellness and Benefits Fair

Please join us for the Wellness and Benefits Fair on February 26th, 2014.  The fair will be held in Gray Campus Center rooms A-D between 11am and 1pm.  This is your chance to meet with each of our benefit plan representatives as well as vendors for health, nutrition, natural medicine, door prizes and giveaways. Click here to acces a flyer with more information about this event.

Annual disclosures and notices

Every year we are required to provide Reed benefits eligible faculty and staff with several disclosure notices pertaining to health care coverage. Please take the time to review these by clicking here. If you have any questions about the contents of these notices, human resources will be happy to assist you.

Plan documents including detailed coverage information by plan

Click here to access our summary plan document page with benefit plan documents and summaries of coverage listed by plan.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) has led to some big changes over the last few years and promises more change in years to come. Though Reed medical plan structures will remain almost identical to what they were last year, the ACA has caused some changes to how health plans are structured and who is covered including these:

  • Starting in 2014, the ACA's individual mandate requires most people to have health insurance.
  • If you have access to affordable, comprehensive coverage that meets the minimum value from your employer, you won't be eligible for the state exchange subsidies.
  • Group plans can no longer put limits on what they will pay for essential health benefit services
  • There are new rules for how plans calculate out-of-pocket maximums; all in-network co-pays, prescriptions and medical visits count towards your maximum out of pocket expenses for each plan year.
  • Preventative care coverage such as routine physicals and well-child exams, generic birth control and routine screenings are now covered without cost share or co-pay.

The Affordable Care Act will continue to change the way we purchase and utilize health insurance in the United States and Reed will continue to provide the best plans possible with cost containment. Read about the new health insurance marketplace options and your health coverage. To read more about the Affordable Care Act, click here

Confirmation of your 2014-2015 Benefits Elections

The last day to participate in open enrollment will be March 3, 2014. You will receive confirmation of your requested changes by April 1, 2014. This confirmation will come in the form of a benefits statement that will be sent to you. This paper statement will look similar to previous Reed open enrollments. Please review this statement and notify human resources immediately if you see any inaccurate information. All changes in deductions will be reflected on your first pay check in April.

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