Human Resources

New Employee Onboarding

Within your first 30 days

Required Trainings

You will receive information about the following trainings on your first day during your HR appointment

  • New employee benefits orientation 
  • Intersections: Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence online training
  • Active shooter (can only be viewed on campus in Safari browser)
  • Sexual and relationship violence prevention and response
  • Environmental health and safety

Review the following policies and procedures: 

To do within your first 30 days on campus

If interested, you can

  • Reed employees may purchase meal plan dollars at the cashier window (Eliot Hall) to be used at Commons, our on-campus dining hall. In addition to the dollar amount added to your card, Bon Appetit also gives a 10% bonus reward
  • Purchase a half-price monthly Trimet pass at the cashier window
  • Utilize the Instructional Media Center (IMC) located on the first floor of the library. The IMC is a multi-media, audio-visual, and computer resource facility which includes a student multimedia lab, the language lab and a closed vault housing the video, CD-ROM and AV equipment collection.
  • Create a personal account at the Bookstore
  • Use a Zipcar on campus

Attend a lecture:

Hum 110 lectures take place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am until 9:50am in Vollum lecture hall. Feel free to drop in for a lecture!