Human Resources

Staff & Faculty Committees 2014-15




Art-Off-The-Clock     Ryan Clement   Library
Mandy Heaton Public Affairs
  Sarah Laughlin   Human Resources
Linda Reedijk Dean of the Faculty Office
  Brooke Sansosti   Library
  Josh Shalek   Admission
  Robin Tovey   Public Affairs
Gay Walker Library
Awards / Recognition Lunch    Paige Berry   Computing & Info Services
  Marianne Colgrove   Computing & Info Services
  Sarah Laughlin   Human Resources
Delana Libbus Business Office
Matt Marcott Community Safety
Nyla Moore Student Activities
Jennifer Sontag Annual Fund
Stephanie Snyder Cooley Art Gallery
Sunni Walton Development
Greg Wilkinson Psychology
Quality of Life   
  Ray Krebs   Building Services
  Sarah Laughlin   Human Resources
  Tony Palomino   Computing & Info Services
Zac Perry Grounds Maintenance
  Michelle Valintis   Human Resources
  Kim Clausing   Faculty
  Virginia Hancock   Faculty
  Alan Shusterman   Faculty
Computing Policy       
  Dena Hutto   Library
  Sarah Laughlin   HR
  Christine Morita-McVey   Computing & Info Services
  Nigel Nicholson   Dean of the Faculty
  Jason Parker   Computing & Info Services
  Marty Ringle   Computing & Info Services
  Mike Tamada   Institutional Research
  Kara Becker   Faculty
  Kris Cohen (Spring)   Faculty
  Hugh Hochman   Faculty
  Michele Matteini (Fall)   Faculty
  Kyle Ormsby   Faculty
  Mariela Szwarcberg   Faculty
Excellence Award      Doris Hall   Facilities
  Trina Marmarelli   Computing & Info Services
  Zac Perry   Grounds Maintenance
  Amy Schuckman   Residence Life
  Michelle Valintis   Human Resources
Steve Yeadon Building Maintenance
Virginia Hancock Faculty
Gray Fund   Barbara Amen   Special Programs
  Angie Beiriger   Library
  Brittney Corrigan-McElroy   CEP
  Ramiro Espinoza   Student Activities
  Kristin Holmberg   Student Activities
  Beth Martin   CEP
Will Simms Physical Education
  Angelica Osorno   Faculty
  Minh Tran   Faculty
Honor Council      Eric Alwine   Library
Wendy Breyer Chemistry
  Kathy Hoblitt   Admission
  Beth Martin   CEP
  Joel Franklin   Faculty
  Katja Garloff   Faculty
  Marat Grinberg   Faculty
Reed Entertainers Show  Paige Berry Computing & Info Systems
  Carey Booth   Biology
  Jonathan Byrd   Computing & Info Systems
  Jeremy Doucette-Hardy   Annual Fund
  Rebecca Sorenson   Building Services
Reed Union     Britt Q. Hoover   Student Services
  Kevin Myers   Public Affairs
  Ben Lazier   Faculty
  Meg Scharle   Faculty
Safety           Danielle Cass   Chemistry
  Rick Fagerstrom   Community Safety
Brian Fairchild Reactor
  Kathleen Fisher   EHS
  Storm Fraelich   Building Services
  Eric Franklin   Studio Art
  Kristine Hayes   Biology
  Todd Hesse   Alumni Relations
  Randy Hicks   Chemistry
  Sarah Laughlin   Human Resources
  Mary Leineweber   Health and Counseling
  Michele McPherson   Facilities
  Matthew Packwood   Dean of Faculty Office
  Ariston Vallejos   Community Safety
  Cathy Young   EHS
Mark Hinchliff Faculty
David Dalton Faculty
SMB Ramiro Espinosa Student Activities
Melinda Kahenbuhl Reactor
Linda Maddux Library
Rabeca Reese Computing & Info Systems
Ueli Stadler Bookstore
Take Your Child to Work Day     Lauren Creany   Annual Fund
  Jeremy Doucette-Hardy   Annual Fund
  Tony Moreno   Computing & Info Systems
  Myesha Abdulrahman   Human Resources
  Nyla Moore   Student Services
 Wellness      Kristin Bott   Instructional Technology
  Laura Buchholz   Library
  Sarah Duncan   Financial Aid
  Mark Fowler   Registrar
  Liz Gadberry   President's Office
Todd Hesse Alumni Relations
  Dayna Lamb   Biology
Claire Michie Development
Meg Peterson Annual Fund
Brooke Sansosti Library
McGill Lawrence/Davis   Ron Albertson   Center for Life Beyond Reed
  Meredith Dickinson   Center for Life Beyond Reed
  Julie Kern Smith   Center for Life Beyond Reed
  John Perkins   Admission
  Adam Taylor   Development
  Douglas Fix   Faculty
Sarah Wagner-McCoy Faculty