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Dental plans


All regular (non-temporary) full-time and part-time employees in a position of at least half time are eligible for coverage on the first day of the month following date of hire.  If hired on the first day of the month, benefits begin immediately. Coverage is available for spouses, domestic partners and dependent children.


There are currently three dental plan options: Willamette Dental, Kaiser dental and PEHT Regence dental.


Each year during the budgeting process, the college determines the amount it will contribute to the cost of employees' dental insurance.  Reed pays 100% of the cost of the Willamette Dental plan for employee-only coverage and 50% of the Willamette Dental cost for eligible dependents.  Reed pays this same dollar amount towards the Regence and Kaiser plans and employees pay the difference in cost. Employees pay their portion of the cost of their heath insurance by pre-tax paycheck deductions. Note that coverage for domestic partners is taxable i.e. cannot be paid pre-tax.


Dental cost per pay period as of April 1, 2017

Reed contribution per pay period
Cost to employee per pay period
Willamette Dental
Individual $20.35 $0
Two-party $30.53 $10.17
Family $40.80 $20.44
Kaiser dental
Individual $20.35 $9.12
Two-party $30.53 $28.75
Family $40.79 $42.20
PEHT Regence dental
Individual $20.35 $9.88
Two-party $30.53 $29.95
Family $40.79 $43.88

Plan Comparisons

Reed College Dental Plan Comparison

Willamette Dental
Kaiser dental
Regence dental
$0 $50

$50 individual/$150 family per calendar year

Office visit co-pay

$10 ($30 for specialty visits)

$20 $0
Preventive services (including exams, x-rays and cleanings)
No additional charge No additional charge No additional charge
No additional charge No additional charge 20% cost share

No additional charge for stainless steel crowns, $50 charge for porcelain-metal crowns

No additional charge for plastic and steel crowns. 20% cost share for gold or porcelain crowns 50% cost share
$50 per tooth 20% cost share 50% cost share
Routine extraction
No additional charge No additional charge 20% cost share
Oral surgery
$50 20% co-insurance 20% cost share
not covered not covered not covered

$1,200 for comprehensive service

50% cost share lifetime benefits maximum of $1,500 50% cost share with a $1,500 lifetime maximum benefit
$100 complete upper or lower dentures 20% cost share 50% cost share
Annual maximum benefit
No maximum $1,500 $1,500
Is there a network of providers?

Yes, participants must go to a Willamette Dental office

Yes, participants must go to a Kaiser Dental office



Willamette Dental


Medical, dental, FSA enrollment/change form
Affidavit of marriage/domestic partnership

Plan documents

Willamette Dental certificate of coverage
Kaiser dental evidence of coverage
Kaiser dental summary of benefits as of April 1, 2017
PEHT Regence dental summary plan description
PEHT Regence dental summary of benefits coverage as of April 1, 2017