Human Resources

Recruitment Process

Preparing for your new employee's arrival

Congratulations on a successful recruitment. Here are a few steps to ensure that your employee’s arrival is smooth.

  1. Complete and return a Personnel Action (PA) form to HR as soon as possible, but no later than ten working days before the new employee arrives. This is so that CUS has enough time to set up the new hire’s IT account.
  2. Attach the signed, returned offer letter, resume, cover letter, and job application to the PA form. If you do not have the signed offer letter back, send a copy of the one you sent to the candidate and forward the original, signed offer letter as soon as possible afterwards.
  3. Complete the new employee computing request form to order new hardware and to set up system accounts (which can take ten working days).
  4. Assign your new employee a peer mentor.

In addition...