Human Resources

Recruitment Phase

Manage your applicant pool

As you build your applicant pool, it is important to connect with qualified applicants very soon after they apply. You should connect with strong candidates within two weeks of them applying in order to ensure that they remain excited about your opportunity. In fact, throughout your recruitment, you should never go longer than two weeks without providing your strong applicants with an update about their candidacy.

You should also follow up thoughtfully with candidates who have an affiliation with Reed, such as current employees, alumni or referrals by alumni, faculty, or staff. Members of our community expect and deserve to be informed of the status of their candidacy in a timely manner.

If you encounter a candidate who is terrific for Reed but perhaps does not have the qualifications for your position, please stay in contact with that person and refer them to other openings. Recruiting great employees to Reed is everyone’s responsibility.

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