Human Resources

Hiring at Reed

Recruiting talented staff to Reed is one of the most important aspects of a staff member’s job. And recruiting is everyone's job.

Helping to recruiting new employees is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of our work. All staff should be trained to participate on a search committee.

Having a candidate pool that’s diverse—in ethnicity and in all aspects of diversity—is the key to a successful search. It’s imperative to build your candidate pool ahead of time, so you’re making contacts and meeting prospective team members year-round. If you wait to start building your candidate pool when you have an opening, it’s already too late.

There are three phases in the recruiting process:

Preparation phase: The preparation stage begins up to a year before a position is vacated. During this phase, you and your colleagues will network with others in your discipline and you'll make contacts that you can reach out to when a search is launched.

Recruitment phase: This phase begins when a search committee is convened and ends when a candidate accepts our job offer.

Onboarding phase: This phase includes the training and development which takes place during a new employee's first year. During the recruitment phase, a candidate with less experience may seem less qualified. However after training, mentoring and a few months on the job, we often come to see that prior experience no longer distinguishes candidates. When deciding which is the most qualified candidate, you are to take into account the training and development which will take place in the first year.