Giving to Reed


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Did you know that thousands of alumni and parents who believe in you, and in Reed, subsidize your education? Regardless of how little or how much financial aid you receive, you benefit from the support and generosity of others who love Reed. Tuition only covers 60 percent of a Reed education. The Annual Fund steps in to fill the gaps.

Last year, 5,904 donors contributed $3.6 million to enhance life at Reed for all current Reedies. These critical dollars help pay for:

  • Need-based financial aid
  • Library books and resources
  • Faculty salaries
  • New technology for the classroom
  • Campus preservation
  • Canyon restoration
  • Student services

What about Renn Fayre and the Gray Fund?

Students pay for Renn Fayre through student body funds. The Gray Fund is an endowed fund, which means the money is sitting in an account already and a little is spent each year. Betty Gray gave Reed all the money for the Gray Fund in 1992.

What about t-shirts and free food?

Because they think it's important to share information with students about how Reed's budget works, the Annual Fund staff use some of their office budget to pay for events, such as the t-shirt giveaway and study breaks in the library.

Who gives to the Annual Fund?

  • Alumni from all class years and all walks of life contribute to the Annual Fund. Last year, 4,213 alumni from classes 1934 to 2012 contributed $2,095,109. They gave gifts ranging from $10 to more than $100,000! The average Annual Fund gift from alumni was $497.
  • Parents of current students and parents of alumni also participate in annual giving to Reed. Last year, 1,353 parents contributed $557,771.
  • Friends, foundations, and corporations also contribute. Reed trustees, local Portlanders, interested community members, faculty, staff, family and national foundations, and several corporations all gave to the Annual Fund in fiscal year 2012.

Get involved!

Are you interested in learning more about private support at Reed? Would you like to volunteer or work for the development office? There are many ways to get involved:

  • Current students can help with the Reedies for Reedies Scholarship initiative. This is an opportunity for current students to join together to provide a scholarship to an incoming freshman. Volunteers needed to help with outreach, events, and fundraising. Email the Annual Fund office for more information.
  • Work for phonathon. Phonathon callers call alumni and friends to raise money for Reed. Talk to interesting alumni, hear parents’ perspectives on Reed, and feel good about helping your college. Enjoy flexible shifts and wages starting at $9.63/hr. Read more.
  • Get in the habit! It’s never too soon to share the love with Reed. Would you like to make your first Annual Fund gift? It’s easy to give online, click here to learn how. Even a gift of $15 or $20 is a way to show your support for Reed and get in the habit of giving something back.