Giving to Reed

Other Gifts

Charitable Lead Trust

With a charitable lead trust, you can direct that income payments from a charitable trust go to Reed for a number of years; thereafter, the trust principal goes to children, grandchildren, or other loved ones. Any growth of the trust is free from additional taxes.

Donor-Advised Funds

You can establish a donor-advised fund at Reed by making an initial contribution of $250,000 or more. By creating a donor-advised fund, you are making an irrevocable gift to Reed, over which Reed retains control. In exchange, you receive a charitable deduction in the year the fund is established. You may advise us as to how you would like Reed to make distributions from the fund, including identifying the additional charities you would like to benefit from your fund. When yearly distributions are made to additional charities, an equal amount is also made to Reed. As with all donor-advised funds, Reed must have final discretion over the fund's principal and income.

This guide is not intended to provide specific advice about your estate plan or to recommend a specific course of action. We suggest you consult your professional advisers before taking any action, then contact Reed's planned giving office to learn more about these giving strategies.