Giving to Reed


This year, current Reed students will be calling alumni and parents to talk about the Annual Fund, as well as what’s going on around campus.

  • How much money was raised for Reed by the Annual Fund last year?
  • How much of this Annual Fund money went to financial aid last year?
  • How many fish are estimated to be in the canyon?
  • What’s new on campus this year?
  • Is it true that the dining hall now serves local and seasonal meals?
  • Is it true that some classes are experimenting with iPads in their classes this year?
  • What is the student/faculty ratio?
  • Who was last spring’s commencement speaker? Who will be this spring’s commencement speaker?

Student callers can answer these questions, as well as any others you may have.

Did you know that more alumni and parents give through phonathon than in response to direct mail and email appeals?

Phonathon connects you to current Reedies, who can tell you firsthand about how your gift helps the college. Last year over 2,500 alumni and parents gave through phonathon, accounting for roughly half of the overall gifts made to Reed.

You can also make a gift or fulfill your pledge online.

Watch our new Thank You video

Do you want to be a student caller? In a typical semester, a student caller has about 100 conversations with alumni and parents. You’ll end up talking about everything from the latest Doyle Owl sighting to what you’re reading in Hum 110 to life beyond the bubble to Thesis Parade. And, of course, the Annual Fund. If you love Reed, and think you’d enjoy talking to alumni and parents about how they can support the college, check the current job listings on IRIS or send an email to