Financial Aid

Outside Scholarships

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While Reed College does not offer merit or academic scholarships, there are many outside resources that can help pay for educational expenses or reduce a student’s need to borrow. The following sites are not affiliated with Reed College but provide information about various private scholarships and links to scholarship search engines. Please beware of common scholarship scams and click here for more information on how to avoid them! You should never pay for scholarship information or applications.

If you have been awarded a financial aid package, also please be aware of how outside scholarships may affect your need-based financial aid award by reviewing our outside scholarship policy here.

Common Scholarship Search Engines

While we are not endorsing these sites, these major scholarship search engines have proven to be legitimate over the years:

Private Scholarships

By no means an exhaustive list, these are some scholarship granting organizations that have come to our attention. This list does not constitute an endorsement, so please research each scholarship carefully.

Reed student Grants & Fellowships

For graduate fellowships, research funding, and special Reed-funded internships for current Reed students, please refer to the Reed Student Fellowships and Awards page.  For other paid internships, please refer to Career Services' IRIS resources.