Financial Aid

Financial Aid at Reed

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Knowing Reed

Like most colleges, Reed uses a nationally standardized need-analysis formula to arrive at a family’s expected contribution toward a Reed education. While the formula is standardized, eligibility for financial assistance will vary from college to college based on such variables as institutional resources, polices, and programs. The following may help you understand Reed's financial aid policies:

  • The goal of Reed’s financial aid program is to provide an educational opportunity to qualified students who would otherwise be unable to afford a Reed education. Thus all financial aid is based on need. There is no merit aid. Aside from its egalitarian value, this approach allows all at Reed to reap the benefits of an economically and socially diverse student population.
  • Reed meets 100% of demonstrated need for every admitted student who meets all admission and financial aid application deadlines. It is important to note, however, that many families may still feel an economic pinch. Demonstrated need is determined by Reed’s financial aid office using nationally standardized formulas, as well as institutional policies, to assess the information families submit on the PROFILE and FAFSA forms and income tax returns.
  • Reed aspires to make every admission decision without regard to an applicant’s ability to pay; however, our financial aid resources are sometimes insufficient to meet the need of all qualified applicants. When that happens, those applicants deemed most qualified are given preference in the admission process.

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