Financial Aid

Financial Aid at Reed

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Financing a Reed education

A college education rooted in small classes taught only by members of a highly qualified and accessible faculty is expensive. Some cost is defrayed by generous donations, many from successful and grateful Reed College alumni. But, like most private colleges, tuition remains the largest source of income at Reed. Reed attempts to keep the extraordinary educational opportunity it offers within reach of all qualified applicants through a judicious and equitable program of financial aid. Nearly half of Reed students receive some assistance. Where does your family fit in? If you have not done so, now is the time to:

  • Sit down and talk about the family contribution to educational expenses. How much will you be able to pay? What portion of your student’s expenses do you expect him or her to pay? Remember, financial planning should be based on four years of educational expenses, not just the first year.
  • Calculate how much your family is going to be expected to contribute to educational expenses. Eligibility for financial aid is based on a nationally standardized formula that determines the parents’ ability to pay, not what they want to pay. (Reed uses the nationally standardized need analysis formula developed by the College Board to determine eligibility for institutional financial aid.) You can use Reed’s net price calculator to get an idea of your family’s expected family contribution (EFC) and of your eligibility for financial aid. While your EFC and aid eligibility at Reed may vary from the results of the net price calculator due to the use of estimated or incomplete family financial information, the result will give you a starting place to begin family conversations.
  • Pay attention to deadlines. Financial aid at Reed is awarded on a date-prioritized basis. If you miss any deadlines, you may not receive institutional and some federal financial aid. Please follow the link to the deadline section for a detailed outline.

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