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Institutional Numbers for Federal Forms
Authorized Institutional Official
Congressional District and Related Information
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Facilities and Administrative Costs (formerly Indirect Costs)

Please note that these figures are updated as of 10/23/2013
Date of the most recent federal agreement: 10/23/2013
Effective: 7/1/13- 6/30/17
On campus rate: 67% of base expenses, defined as direct salary and wages, including vacation, holiday, and sick pay (but excluding all other fringe benefits)
Off campus rate: 32%

Fringe Benefit Rate

Effective: 7/1/09- 6/30/13
Faculty: 37.9% of salaries & wages
Staff: 30.5% of salaries & wages
Students: 10% of salaries & wages

Federal Per Diem Allowances

Foreign Areas
Domestic Areas

Mileage Reimbursement

Amount: $.56/mile

Institutional Numbers for Federal Forms

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): 93-0386908
  • DUNS number: 054972955
  • Cage Code: 1Y4A7
  • SAM expiration date: 10/17/14
  • National Science Foundation (NSF): 0032177000
  • Department Of Energy (DOE): 93-0386908
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH): 1930386908
  • Department of Defense Commercial and Government Entity Code: MA69H6
  • Animal welfare assurance number: A4425-01, expires March 31, 2017

Authorized Institutional Official

Lorraine Arvin

Vice President/Treasurer
Tel: (503) 777-7506
Fax: (503) 777-7775

Nigel Nicholson

Dean of the Faculty
Tel: (503) 777-7257
Fax: (503) 777-7581

Congressional District and Related Information

  • US Senators: Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Jeff Merkley
  • US Representative: Representative Earl Blumenauer
  • Congressional District: 3rd

State Government Information

  • Governor - Governor John Kitzhaber
  • State Senator - Diane Rosenbaum, District 21
  • State Representatives - Representative Carolyn Tomei , District 41