English Department

Recent Thesis Titles

2015 Graduates

Sterling Olson, Waning towers : problems of monarchy and chivalry in fourteenth century English poetry

Demian Lee, Repeated deconstruction : a phenomenological reading of "The waves"

Alexandra Corey, A song of multitudes : the French reception of Walt Whitman

Lael Pollack, A changing world : British and American anxiety and the postwar novel

Gabriel Zinn, Writing eros : utterance and desire in James Joyce's "A portrait of the artist as a young man" and "Ulysses"

Benjamin Hemenway, "The outer turmoil's veil" : an analysis of Samuel Beckett's Novellas

Ashley Brandt, Triangulation : locating the reader in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" and Humbert Humbert's Narration

Evan Filkins, "Mont Blanc" and Shelley's sublime dialectic

Della Green, "I had not minded--walls--" : perils, possibilities and metapoetics in Dickinson's depictions of boundaries

Danielle Juncal, Japanese American internment poetry : Lawson Inada and Mitsuye Yamada's re-mappings of memory and identity

Elise Ringo, Woe unto world's end : apocalypse in Tolkien's "Silmarillion"

Sam Sexton, Hearts and minds : genre displacement in Vietnam War literature

Alexandra Wood, "Pierre; or, the ambiguities" : Herman Melville's denunciation of truth in literature

Serra Shelton, The semi-dialogic novel : children's literature, Lewis Carroll, and the effects of humor

Jack Taylor, Going beyond the zero : an examination of Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's rainbow" as a source of insight into our contemporary creative moment

Sinclair Hong, Evolving representations of the metropolis in literature

Brian Merson McPherson, Narcissism and trauma in the verse of Golding, Milton, and Shakespeare

Alexandra Rachel Boss, Native American and First Nations oral and written literature : the problems with transcription and the power of the autonomous voice

Natasha Lelchuk, The new woman and the little girl business : new girls in the novels of J. M. Barrie, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Henry James

Amanda Rose Dempsey, Postmodernism for unbeginners : an exploration of the postmodern de/reconstruction of discourses of knowledge and metanarratives in literature

Jacob Krouse Strickland, About time : temporality and normativity in "Back to the future"

Sylvia Chase Randall-Muñoz, Clarissa Dalloway as the flâneuse : an exploration of the female sphere within the postwar metropolis

Kevyn . Tompkins de Garcia, Modern gothic literature of Joyce Carol Oates as a call to action