English 201 Fall 2000

Introduction to Narrative: Native American Literature



Professor: Laura Arnold ( x7329) Laura.Arnold@Reed.edu; office hours: M 11-12, W 2-3

Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 p.m. CC116

Webpage: http://academic.reed.edu/english/Courses/English201nal/index.html

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to narrative theory through an exploration of contemporary Native American literature. We will pay particular attention to the native cultures of the Pacific Northwest, as well as literature from the Plains, the Southwest, and the Midwest. For each region we will consider contemporary literary production (novels, short stories, autobiographies, or essays) in light of both the oral tradition and the artistic and cultural traditions of the tribes living in that region.

This Syllabus is also available as a .pdf file.


Requirements and Assignments:

o Attend, Prepare for, and Participate as a Speaker and Listener in Conference

o Write six 1-page papers & one 4-6 page paper on the readings.


Schedule of Readings:
[weeks 1-5] [weeks 6-8] [weeks 9-10] [week 11] [weeks 12-14]

Weeks 1-5: Sioux (Great Plains)

M 8/28 No Readings

W 8/30 Vine Deloria, God is Red JAMES WELCH READS AT POWELL's 7:30 pm!!


M 9/4 Vine Deloria, God is Red ( Labor Day no class; n.b. do readings)

W 9/6 Vine Deloria, God is Red


M 9/11 DeMaille, Sixth Grandfather, pp. 1-75; Champagne, Native America, pp. 161-94

W 9/13 DeMaille Sixth Grandfather, pp. 75-110; Black Elk Speaks pp. 1-19


M 9/18 Black Elk Speaks, pp. 20-91

W 9/20 Black Elk Speaks, pp. 92-161


M 9/25 Black Elk Speaks, pp.162-238

W 9/27 Black Elk Speaks, pp. 239-end & DeMaille Sixth Grandfather, pp. 283-296


Weeks 6-8: Pueblo & Navajos (Southwest)

M 10/2 Faris, The Nightway, Chapters 1 & 6 (Reserve)

W 10/4 Faris, The Nightway, Chapters 2-4 (Reserve)


M 10/9 Yom Kippur&emdash;no class (Begin to Read Ceremony); Champagne, Native America, pp. 129-60

W 10/11 Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

Fall Break

M 10/23 Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony & Allen, "Kochinnenako in Academe" The Sacred Hoop, pp. 222-244(Reserve)

W 10/25 Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony


Weeks 9-10 Chippewa (Midwest)

M 10/30 Gamblers, Windigos, & the Manitos: Vizenor, "Prologue," The People Named the Chippewa Handout)
Kathryn Gabriel, "Introduction," Gambler Way, pp. 1-30 (Reserve)
Vecsey, "The Manitos," Ojibwa Religion, pp. 72-83 (Reserve)
Champagne, Native America, pp. 55-59, 64-66

W 11/1 Louise Erdrich, The Bingo Palace


M 11/6 Louise Erdrich, The Bingo Palace

W 11/8 Louise Erdrich, The Bingo Palace


Week 11 Pomo (N. California)

M 11/13 Greg Sarris, Mabel McKay, Champagne, Native America, pp. 301-330

W 11/15 Greg Sarris, Mabel McKay & "Ethnography Without Tears" (Reserve)


Weeks 12-14 Spokane/Coeur d'Alene (Inland Northwest)

M 11/20 Stories that Make the World, pp. 5-91

W 11/22 Stories that Make the World, pp. 141-216


M 11/27 Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues; Champagne, Native America, pp. 273-300

W 11/29 Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues


M 12/4 Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues

Short Paper Due Dates:

GROUP 1: W 8/30 , M 9/18 , M 10/2, W 10/25, W 11/8, W 11/22

GROUP 2: W 9/6 , W 9/20 , W 10/4, M 10/30, M 11/13, M 11/27

GROUP 3: M 9/11, M 9/25, W 10/11, W 11/1, W 11/15, W 11/29

GROUP 4: W 9/13, W 9/27, M 10/23, M 11/6, M 11/20, M 12/4


I am in Group #_______________


Long Paper Due Dates:

I have signed up to turn in the first draft of my 4-6 page paper on ______________________

Therefore the final draft of my paper is due __________________ (2 weeks after the draft is due)

My paper conference for the draft is ______________________ (schedule when draft is submitted)

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