Final Paper Proposal

English 341

Tracy Menasco

. My primary text will be A Narrative of the Life and Travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince by Nancy B. Prince – originally published in 1850. Nancy Prince was a free black woman from Massachusetts who traveled to Russia and Jamaica and participated in the anti-slavery and suffrage movements of her time.

I will be using New Historicism to analyze this work. New Historicism seeks to place a work in a culturally relative context by examining the other artifacts and influences of the time, and the biographic circumstances of the author. This approach addresses the relationships and gaps between proscribed roles and actual behavior among other issues. For an excellent description of this theory (and best of all, its buzzwords and jargon) see the University of Calgary's Literary Theory Primer.

My Resources are as follows:

Bercovitch, Sacvan. "Hawthorne's A-Morality of Compromise."

Foster, Frances Smith. Written By Herself: Literary Production by African-American Women, 1746-1892.

Veeser, H. Aram. The New Historicism. Especially Chapter 10, Judith Lowder Newton’s History as Usual? Feminism and the "New Historicism"




Literary Theory Primer