American Art: The Nineteenth Century



The Turn of the Century

The Romantic Period

Architecture: The Age of Romanticism and Eclecticism, 1825-70

The Decorative Arts: The Age of Romanticism and Eclecticism, 1800-70

Painting: Landscape, 1825-70

Painting: Genre, Narrative, Still Life, and Portraiture, 1825-70

Photography: The Early Years, 1839-70

Sculpture: Neoclassicism and Naturalism, 1825-70

Folk Art: A Special Mode of Vision

The American Renaissance:

Architecture: The Age of Capitalism, Imperialism, and High Society (1870-1900)

Toward Modern Architecture: New Technologies and the Advent of the Skyscraper, 1850-1900

The Artful Interior: Cosmopolitanism, the Aesthetic Movement, and the American Home (1870-1900)

Painting: The Naturalistic Tradition and Cosmopolitanism, 1870-1900

Painting: American Impressionism, American Renaissance, and Trompe l'Oeil Realism

Photography: 1870-1900

Sculpture: From the American Renaissance to the Western Frontier, 1870-1900


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