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Waste Management

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IV. Responsibilities

A safe, effective, and compliant hazardous materials program requires the interaction and cooperation of all employees and students whose work produces hazardous waste.

A. Reed College Administration

The college administration will provide commitment, leadership, and financial resources to support this program.  The Vice President and Treasurer will establish and approve the policy and procedures for hazardous waste disposal for Reed College.

B. Environmental Health and Safety Office

The EHS office staff will work in partnership with both the operational and educational generators of hazardous waste.  EHS staff will manage the program to ensure that Reed College employees meet all provisions of the program.  In addition, EHS staff will provide assistance, regulatory interpretation, and coordinate the collection and disposal of hazardous waste.

C. Supervisors

Managers and supervisors will hold employees accountable for proper handling, labeling, storage, and disposal of all hazardous waste.  They will ensure that all generators receive training in chemical waste management.

D. Affected Employees

All employees who generate hazardous waste will:

  • Account for all hazardous material through inventory
  • Ensure proper and timely disposal
  • Properly segregate incompatible materials
  • Provide secondary containment for hazardous waste
  • Correctly label all containers
  • Incorporate waste disposal and safer product substitution into work and laboratory procedures
  • Train students in their charge to comply with all hazardous waste policies and procedures

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