Economics 354

Country Team Assignments

The person designated by an asterisk (*) is responsible for arranging an initial meeting of the team. At this initial meeting, each team should decide on an organizational structure going forward and begin to allocate specialized topics for research.


E. J. Arce*
Ben Black
Alex Bracco
Jonathan Matz
Ryan Rojas


Tom Davies
Cooper Jackson
Austin Magleby*
Aaron Till
Mitzi Zitler


Ky Desmarais*
Frank Gaunt
Wills Harris
Miranda Rintoul
Tristan Wylde-Larue

United Kingdom

Muldrow Etheredge
Rachel Kennelly
Varun Palnati
Gerry Pena-Martinez
Piper Rodolf*


Robby Gottesman
Mark Jarrett
Sam Olson*
Renee Wu
Keita Yagi