Economics 341

Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Fall 2016
Jeffrey Parker, Reed College


Money is a veil, but when the veil flutters, real output sputters.    -Attributed to John G. Gurley

Class News

  • [12/6] The final essay assignment is now posted. It is due prior to the final exam.
  • [10/22] The fiscal policy effects graphs from class are now posted.
  • [10/10] Class project research assignments:
    1. Economic activity (GDP, etc.): Crespy, Groueva, Resnick
    2. Prices and inflation: Cruger, Hernandez
    3. Labor markets: Airi, Fox
    4. Banking and finance: Ashfield, Martin, Unny-Law
    5. International markets: Alexander, Lama, Nyamakazi
    6. Fiscal policy: Hahnemann, Jarrett, Olson
    7. Long-run growth: Keithahn, Nabahe, Nigro
  • [10/7] I have posted a sample midterm exam to give you an idea of the kinds of questions you might expect on Monday.
  • [10/3] Information on the class policy project is now available. If you want to work with one or two other specific students, you need to let me know by email no later than noon Friday, October 7, as described in the information document. Topic areas for the policy briefing presentations will be made in class on October 7.
  • [9/22] The first essay assignment is now posted. Your essays are due electronically by 1:10pm on September 30.
  • [9/17] The two slides used in class on Friday are now posted on the Web site: Federal funds rate, 1954-2014 and Bank reserves, 1984-2014.
  • [8/21] John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, will speak at the University of Portland at 9am on Thursday, September 8. Class members who do not have conflicting classes should plan to attend. We will run a free bus from Reed to UP and back that morning. Information about the talk is here. You should register and print your free ticket to the event from the Web site on the flyer. If you plan to attend and have not signed the sheet in class, please send me an email so that we will expect you on the bus.