Economics 312

Theory and Practice of Econometrics
Spring 2015
Jeffrey Parker, Reed College 

This is the home page for Economics 312: Theory and Practice of Econometrics at Reed College. The links at left allow you to navigate to various parts of the Web site for course information, assignments, and the reading list.

Class news

  • [4/16] Schedule for upcoming classes
    • 4/17 and 4/20: Finish with limited dependent variables
    • 4/22: Leamer 1983 paper and Lovell's data mining
    • 4/23: Angrist and Leamer 2010 papers
    • 4/24: Comprehensive review of econometric methods
    • 4/27: Bootstrapping
    • 4/29: Quantile regression
    • 4/30: Regression discontinuity models 
    • 5/1: To be determined among missing-data models, spatial autocorrelation, duration/hazard models, or other topics of interest
  • [2/5] Class log file from today's Monte Carlo demonstration is now posted.
  • [2/2] Log file and outreg table output from today's classroom Stata demonstration.
  • [1/22] Stata resources. Kristin Bott ( of the Computer User Services staff is available to help with Stata questions through the semester. She has Stata office hours on Mondays 9:30-10:30 and Thursdays 4-5 in ETC225.