Economics 311

Survey of Econometric Methods
Fall 2017
Jeffrey Parker

Course Outline and Reading List

Note: Dates shown below are tentative. Depending on our actual progress, the dates of reading assignments may change.

Readings with authors listed in bold face are required. Those in regular type are optional readings that may be read by those with strong interests in the subject. Additional readings maybe added as the course progresses. Be sure to check the Web site regularly in order to keep up with any changes; don't just print this page at the beginning of the course and rely on that for the entire semester.

Useful Resources

1. Introduction to Econometrics

  • Introduction to Econ 311  (August 28)
    • No reading required
  • Introduction to regression models  (August 30)
    • Studenmund, 7th edition, Chapter 1
  • Data visualization and presentation  (September 1)
  • Sources of economic data  (September 6)
    • Griliches, Zvi. 1986. "Chapter 25 Economic Data Issues." Handbook of Econometrics 3:1465-1514. This book is on reserve (but only one copy). Here is an annotated collection of key quotations that you should read for class.

2. Ordinary Least Squares

  • Basics of OLS regression  (September 8 and 11)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 2
  • Using OLS regression  (September 13)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 3

3. Probability and Statistics

 4. The Classical Regression Model and Statistical Inference

  • Assumptions of classical OLS regression  (September 22 and 25)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 4
  • Statistical inference under classical assumptions  (September 27, 29, and October 2)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 5

First mid-term exam  (October 6)

5. Choosing Regression Models

  • Alternative specifications and non-linear models  (October 9, 11, and 13)
    • Studenmund, Chapters 6 and 7

6. Regression Pathologies

  • Collinearity and multicollinearity  (October 23)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 8
  • Serial correlation  (October 25 and 27)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 9
  • Heteroskedasticity  (October 30)
    • Studenmund, Chapter 10

Second mid-term exam will Wednesday, November 1

7. Time-Series Models

Dates and readings to be announced

8. Models for Panel Data

Dates and readings to be announced

9. Models with Limited Dependent Variables

Dates and readings to be announced

10. Instrumental Variables and Simultaneous Equations

Dates and readings to be announced

11. The Practice of Econometrics

Dates and readings to be announced

Final Exam: PROBABLY 9-12 on Wednesday, December 13

But it could end up being on Thursday. Do not make reservations for a flight leaving before Thursday evening until the final-exam schedule is confirmed!