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Economics 311 - Databases & Web sites

Statistical Databases

Bureau of Economic Analysis Summary data on national income and product accounts, balance of payments accounts, and state personal income. More detailed information is available from STAT- USA.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Time series data on employment, productivity, price indices (CPI and PPI), compensation and working conditions.

U.S. Census Bureau Income and poverty statistics, housing and household statistics, Statistical Abstract of the US, county and city data books. Major statistics on US businesses, farms and governments.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Statistics on crime and victims, criminal offenders and the justice system.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics Data on planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, boats, bicycles and their industries.

G.P.O. Access Economic Report of the President; Congressional Record; Federal Register; GAO reports.

Energy Information Administration Information on petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear, electric and renewable energy.

Eurostat Statistical office of the European Communities.

Fedstats Data from more than 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

National Bureau of Economic Research Business cycle dates; NBER Macro History Database containing monthly, quarterly or annual economic time-series data.

National Center for Education Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Source OECD OECD Economic Surveys, International Direct Investment Statistics, International Trade and Competitiveness Indicators, Employment Statistics, National Accounts, Main Economic Indicators, Main Industrial Indicators.

Office of Management and Budget Budget for the US government.

Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR Database Electronic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1994.

STAT-USA economic, business and trade news. Current and time series data on national income, trade, prices and employment.

Statistical Universe Statistical tables and publications.

Treasury Bulletin Financial information and international statistics.

US Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service

US Environmental Protection Agency Hazardous waste data, municipal waste data, Superfund data and toxic release inventory.

White House

White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room Current economic information on output, income, employment, earnings, production and business activity and international statistics.

White House Social Statistics Briefing Room Current information on crime statistics, demographic statistics, education statistics and health statistics.

Stata Resources

Princeton's Data and Statistical Services Online help for Stata

Stata web site Answers to frequently ask questions.

UCLA Academic Technology Services Stata site Helpful tips on using Stat

Newspapers and Magazines

Newslink Access to national dailies, major metropolitan dailies and non-US newspapers.

New York Times

The Economist A limited number of articles from current and past issues and several surveys.

Other Useful Web Sites

Academic Universe Full text for news, law, government, medicine, and business information; Index and abstracts for U.S. Congressional information.

FedWorld Information Network US Government information online.

Library of Congress

NetEc Research in economics.

Evaluating Information on the Web

Resources for Economists on the Internet

State of Oregon Information on commerce, education, government and community.

Statistical Resources on the Web - Economics List of statistical sites categorized by: comprehensive, business and industry, cost of living, federal/state finances, finance, foreign/international data, foreign trade and labor.

THOMAS Text of bills, Congressional Record, committee information.

US Federal Government Agencies A list of federal agencies on the internet.

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