Dean of the Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

Nigel J. Nicholson
Dean of the Faculty
Walter Mintz Professor of Classics
Dean’s Office
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202
Phone: 503/777-7257
Fax: 503/777-7581

University Education

1990-94 University of Pennsylvania, PhD, Classical Studies
1986-90 Oxford University, BA, Literae Humaniores (Classical Literature and Philosophy), Congratulatory First Class


2013- Reed College, Dean of the Faculty
2007- Reed College, Walter Mintz Professor of Classics
2008-09 Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Sicily, Professor-in-Charge
2005-07 Reed College, Walter Mintz Associate Professor of Classics
2001-05 Reed College, Associate Professor, Classics and Humanities
1995-2001 Reed College, Assistant Professor, Classics and Humanities
1994-95 Wellesley College, Assistant Professor, Classics

External Honors and Fellowships

2011-15 Education Committee, American Philological Association
2008 Director, Sunoikisis Faculty Summer Greek Seminar
2006-07 Millicent McIntosh Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Foundation
2005-06 President, Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest
2004 Oregon Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 

Internal Honors and Fellowships

2012 Mellon Foundation Award for Collaborative Research, Reed College
2011, 2005 Lankford Collaborative Research Award, Reed College
1991 Dean's Scholar, University of Pennsylvania
1990 Sunderland Prize (for Greek Literature), Oxford University
1987-90 Scholar, Brasenose College, Oxford University

Publications: Books, Edited Volumes

Aristocracy and Athletics in Archaic and Classical Greece (Cambridge University Press, 2005); paperback edition (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Editor, Literary Theory in Graduate and Undergraduate Classics Curricula, special issue of "Paedagogus" section of Classical World, forthcoming

Athletes, Epinician and Oral Tradition in the Greek West [Working Title] (Oxford University Press, accepted)

Publications: Articles, Book Chapters

"The Athlete's Body and the Rhetoric of Injury," in special issue of Classics@, entitled Greek Sports and Poetry, ed. Thomas Scanlon, forthcoming
"Literary Theory Survey Classes for Classics Undergraduates," in special issue of Paedagogus section of Classical World, ed. Nigel Nicholson, forthcoming

"Introduction" to special issue of Paedagogus section of Classical World, ed. Nigel Nicholson, forthcoming

"Doctors, Trainers and Athletes in Bacchylides Ode 1," Nikephoros 25 (2012), forthcoming, jointly authored with Arien Gutierrez (a Reed undergraduate)

"Greek Hippic Contests," The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World, eds. Allison Futrell and Thomas Scanlon (Oxford University Press, 2014, forthcoming)

"Cultural Studies, Oral Tradition, & the Promise of Intertextuality," in special issue of American Journal of Philology, entitled Intertextuality,eds. Yelena Baraz and Christopher van den Berg, 134 (2013): 9-21

"Writing Greek Sport: Contests and Athletes in Greek Literature," A Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity, eds. Paul Christesen and Donald Kyle (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), 68-80

"Aging, Athletics And Epinician," Nikephoros 23 (2010), 105-38, jointly authored with Elizabeth Heintges (a Reed undergraduate)

"Pindar's Olympian 4, Psaumis and Camarina after the Deinomenids," Classical Philology 106 (2011): 93-114

“Poets, Doctors and the Rhetoric of Money,” Neurosurgery 64 (2009): 179-88, jointly authored with Dr. Nathan Selden

“A Century of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest,” CJ 104.2 (2008/09): 164-75

“Pindar, History, and Historicism,” (review article) CPh 102 (2007): 208-27

“Aristocratic Victory Memorials and the Absent Charioteer,” in The Cultures within Greek Culture: Contact, Conflict, Collaboration, eds. Leslie Kurke and Carol Dougherty (Cambridge, 2003), 101-28

“The Emperor’s Apothecary: Galen’s apotheke and the Origin of the Word “Apothecary,”” Apothecary 2002: 24-27

"Pindar Ne. 4.57-58 and the Arts of Poets, Trainers and Wrestlers," Arethusa 34 (2001): 31-59

"Polysemy and Ideology in Pindar Pythian 4.229-230," Phoenix 54 (2001), 191-202

"Victory without Defeat? Carnival Laughter and its Appropriation in Pindar's Victory Odes," in Carnivalizing Difference: Bakhtin and the Other, eds. Peter Barta, P. Allen Miller, Charles Platter and David Shepherd (Routledge, 2001), 79-98

"Pederastic Poets and Adult Patrons in Late Archaic Lyric," CW 93 (2000): 235-59

"Bodies Without Names, Names Without Bodies: Propertius 1.21-22," CJ 94 (1999): 143-61

"The Truth of Pederasty: A Supplement to Foucault's Genealogy of the Relation between Truth and Desire in Ancient Greece," Intertexts 2.1 (1998): 26-45

Invited Lectures / Public Engagements

“Pindar and the West,” Florida State University, November 2013

“Epinician vs. Oral Tradition,” University of California Berkeley, April 2013

“Art and Athletics in Ancient Greece,” Portland Art Museum, October 2012

“Intertextuality: What it is and what it can do for Classical Studies,” Wellesley College, April 2012

“Allowed Fools? Four Models of the Role of Comedy in the Politics of Democratic Athens,” Gonzaga University, March 2010

“The Ancient Olympic Mule-Cart Race,” for the Parlitalia Lecture Series of the University of Vancouver, B.C., January 2010

“Athletes, Anecdotes, and Civic Identity,” Duke University, January 2007.

“Commemorating Victory, Chariot Races, and Charioteers in Ancient Greece,” Calgary Society for Mediterranean Studies, September 2006.

“Athletes, Anecdotes, and Civic Identity,” University of Calgary, September 2006.

“Charioteers, Victors and Victory Memorials,” University of Washington, Seattle, October 2000.

"Maintaining Authority in Commissioned Poetry," University of Oregon, Eugene, March 1997

Conference Papers (since 2010)

“Is There a Doctor in the Ode? Pantheides in Bacchylides 1,” Annual Meeting of the (UK) Classical Association (CA), Reading, UK, April 2013

With Arien Gutierrez, a Reed undergraduate, “Doctors, Trainers and Athletes in Bacchylides Ode 1,” Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN), Eugene, March 2013

“Literary Theory Survey Classes for Classics Undergraduates,” on panel entitled “Literary Theory in Graduate and Undergraduate Classics Curricula,” Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (APA), Seattle, 2013

“Athlete Legends and Epinician in Western Locri,” CA, Exeter, UK, April 2012.

With Elizabeth Heintges (a Reed undergraduate), “Aging, Athletics and Epinician,” CAPN, Salem, March 2012

“Cultural Studies, Anecdotes and the Problems of Intertextuality,” on panel entitled “Intertextuality and its Discontents,” APA, Philadelphia, January 2012.

“Injury in Epinician,” CAPN, Spokane, March 2011

“A Brief History of CAPN,” Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN), Spokane, March 2011

“Pindar Olympian 4: Mercenaries, Sicels and Post-Deinomenid Sicily,” APA, San Diego, January 2011.

“Glaucus and Carystus: Reclaiming and Reframing an Expatriate Victor,” Joint Annual Meeting of CAPN and the Classical Association of the Canadian West (CACW), Seattle, March 2010

Professional Activities

Reviewer/Referee for the following Presses and Journals: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Texas University Press, University of Oklahoma Press; American Journal of Philology, Arethusa, Classical Antiquity, Classical Bulletin, Classical Journal, Classical Philology, Classical World, Gnomon, Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies, Intertexts, Journal of Hellenic Studies, Phoenix, Transactions of the American Philological Association

American Philological Association (APA): Education Committee, 2011-15 (elected position); Coffin Traveling Fellowship Committee, 2011- (appointed position). Organized Education Committee panel for 2013, “Literary Theory in Graduate and Undergraduate Classics Curricula.”

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN): President, 2005-06, Treasurer, 2004-08; organized the Association’s conference, held at Reed, March 2006.

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS): Founding Professor-in-Charge for ICCS-Catania, 2008-09. Constructed Sicily curriculum, organized adjunct professors, admissions, trouble-shooting.

Sunoikisis/NITLE (National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education): director, Sunoikisis Greek faculty seminar, June 2008; “Collaboration in Classics” Planning Group for NITLE conference in Memphis, November 2006, and organized discussion of possible non-curricular collaborations.

“NW Five College” Consortium / Mellon 23 / AALAC: NW Five Planning Conference, September 2012; NW Five Conference on Unifying Teaching and Scholarship, Salem, February 2011; “Mellon 23 Assembly” on Interdisciplinarity, Minneapolis, February 2008.

Carnegie Foundation: Judge for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Professor of the Year Competition.

Tenure and promotion reviewer, various colleges and universities

Outreach (selected)

Joint Reed and Oregon Council for the Humanities “Humanities in Partnership” program for low-income adults.

Classes and events for local high and middle schools, including Reed’s Annual Latin Day, and the Washington/British Columbia Junior Classical League.

Public Lectures and Presentations for local civic groups, including Portland Center stage, the Portland Art Museum, the Multnomah Athletic Club, and Grace Memorial Episcopal Church.

Committee Service at Reed (selected)

Committee on Advancement and Tenure 2009-2011

Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, 2000-02, 2003-07

CAPP Budget Advisory Subcommittee, 2001-02, 2003-07

Appeals and Review, 2012-13.

Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Compensation, 2010-11

Presidential Search Committee, 2001-02

Chair, Freshman Humanities, 2001-02.