Hannah's research lives at the intersection of dance, Jewish, and gender studies. She is interested in the meeting of art, politics, and identity. Her work and archival research are deeply informed by movement notation and analysis, and theories of gender, sexuality, and cultural identity. Her current research project examines elements of Jewishness, radicalism, and modernism in the early and mid-career work of choreographer Anna Sokolow.


2010-Present     KineScribe: A mobile dance notation app
Partner with Martin Ringle (Chief Technology Officer, Reed College) and David Ralley (LabanWriter programmer, OSU) to port a reader version of LabanWriter to the iPad; Project Director, Enhancing Dance Literacy: Dance Notation Through Touch Technology, supported by a National Endowment for the Humanitites Digital Humanities Startup Grant (Level I) to create KineScribe, a full reading and editing iPad version of LabanWriter. Visit for more information about this project.


Honest Bodies: The Dances of Anna Sokolow - monograph under contract with Oxford University Press.

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Conference Papers and Presentations

2013    Anna Sokolow’s Dreams: 1960s Responses to a Dance about the Holocaust in the U.S. and Israel. Paper accepted for presentation on “Staging Zionist Consciousness: Dance Production in the U.S. and Israel” Panel at Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, Boston, MA. (17 December)

2013    Mixed Metaphors: Anna Sokolow and “American” Modern Dance in Transnational Contexts. Paper accepted for presentation on “Imagining a Transnational USAmerican Dance Studies” Panel at Decentering Dance Studies: Moving in New Global Orders, Congress on Research in Dance and Society of Dance History Scholars Joint Conference, Riverside, CA. (15 November)

2012    Funny Business: Anna Sokolow’s Choreographic Satire in the 1930s. Paper accepted for presentation as part of panel, “Corporeal Interventions in Jewish Traditions,” at Congress on Research in Dance conference, Albuquerque, NM (10 November)

2012    Wells of Loneliness: Queer Spaces in Anna Sokolow’s Rooms. Paper for presentation at Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance, Congress on Research in Dance Special Topics Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. (16-18 February)

2011    Anna Sokolow and Alex North’s War Poem: A Meeting of Music, Dance, and Anti-fascism. Paper presented at Moving Music/Sounding Dance, joint conference of Congress on Research in Dance and Society for Ethnomusicology, Philadelphia, PA. (17-20 November)

2011    The Wandering Frog that Did Not Travel Well: Anna Sokolow’s Work in Mexico, 1940-1941. Paper presented as part of panel, “Nationalism, Embodiment, and Legacy: 20th-Century Concert Dance in Mexico,” at 34th Annual Society of Dance History Scholars Conference, University of Toronto and York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (23 June)

2011     White Rooms: Jewishness, Whiteness, and Assimilation in Anna Sokolow’s 1950s Work. Invited paper at Modern Jewish Experience through the Lens of Dance Conference, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. (14 February)

2010    Researching Jewishness in Anna Sokolow’s Choreography. Paper presented on “Searching and Researching Jewish Dance” Panel at 42nd Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, MA. (21 December)

2010    Activist Partnerships in Anna Sokolow’s Proletarian Dances. Paper presented in “Activist Choreographies” Working Group at 2010 Joint Conference of The Congress on Research in Dance and The American Society for Theatre Research, Seattle, WA. (18 November)

2009    Of Dreams and Prayers: Topographies of Anna Sokolow’s Holocaust Work During and After World War II. Paper presented at 32nd Annual Society of Dance History Scholars Conference, with Dance Critics Association, Stanford University, Stanford and San Francisco, CA. (20 June) This paper awarded Selma Jeanne Cohen Award, student writing award for excellence in Dance Studies.

2008    The Way You Make Me Faune: Traces of Vaslav Nijinsky’s L’apres-midi d’un faune in Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Paper presented at Annual National Joint Conference of the Popular Culture Association and American Cultural Association, San Francisco, CA. (21 March)

2007    No Fists in the Air: Anna Sokolow and the Cold War. Paper presented at 30th Annual Society of Dance History Scholars Conference, Co-sponsored with the Congress on Research in Dance, Le Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France. (23 June)

2007    “Dancing Together: Models of Outreach and Collaboration.” Invited panel member. Presented at OhioDance Festival, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. (21 April)

2005    “Satisfyin Lover: Just What Were They Doing in the 1960s?” Workshop presented at OhioDance Festival, University of Akron, Akron, OH. (21 May)

2004    Dance in Another Dimension: Investigating Lois Greenfield’s Photography. Paper presented at 27th Annual Society of Dance History Scholars Conference, Duke University, Durham, NC. (19 June)

Invited Presentations

2013    Queer Dance and Swan Lake, in conjunction with the Year of the Queer, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. (27 February)

2012    Anna Sokolow: A Legacy in Photographs. Invited lecture in conjunction with "Anna Sokolow in Israel" exhibit from Dance Library of Israel (Tel Aviv), University of Wisconsin-Madison. (15 March)

2012    Dancing History: The Spaces of Anna Sokolow’s Rooms. Invited lecture in conjunction with "Anna Sokolow in Israel" exhibit and Stanford dancers performing Rooms, Stanford University. (9 February)

2011    Jazz: Anna Sokolow’s Dances of American Urban Spaces. Invited lecture with Historic Dance Theatre at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, Tivoli, NY. (4 July)

2010    Passion and Angst: Postwar Identity in Two Dances by Anna Sokolow. Invited lecture, accompanied by performances of Sokolow’s Kaddish and Rooms by Deborah Zall and José Limón Dance Company, with Historic Dance Theatre at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, Tivoli, NY. (30 June)

Reed Presentations

2012    Dancing Through the Years. Reed Magazine Web Special.

2012    Dragging Dido: Re-Making Epic. Humanities 110 Lecture. (30 March, repeated 5 April 2013)

2011    Reed Dance History – Reunions 2011. Invited lecture at 100 Years, 100 Images of Dance Gallery Opening for Reed College Centennial Reunions. (8 June)