Dance Department


Auditions for the Reed Fall Dance Concert will be held on Friday, November 16th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM in the double Squash Court  
  • We are excited to see what you have been working on!  We ask that you bring FINISHED, ORIGINAL dances to the audition.  Your dance need not to be well rehearsed, and you may change your choreography later on, but preparation is key to good dance-making and to a satisfying performance. You’ll be glad to have time to refine your work before the concert!
  • Please consult with your dancers and then sign up for an audition time. Prior to auditions, a sign-up sheet will be posted on the door to Gym II. It's Ok if one or two dancers can't make it to the audition, as long as most of your dancers are there.  Let us know if you have nonnegotiable conflicts with the audition time.
  • Please bring your music, info on any special technical needs and costume ideas to the audition.  This information is helpful as we prepare the program and order rental equipment.  We will also videotape your piece for our lighting designer. 
  • If you are choreographing or performing a dance piece as part of an academic course, you do not need to audition that piece; we will videotape these pieces in class.
  • We would be happy to accept one dance each from any of the PE dance classes, and these should be auditioned. 
  • Due to time and production constraints, we ask that you limit ensemble pieces to 5 minutes and solos to 3 minutes.
  • Questions?  Contact Minh Tran or Alanna Hoyman-Browe.                             
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Reed Fall Dance Concert

Sunday, December 9, 2012

At 2:00 PM, and 7:30 Pm
In Sports Center-Gym II.
Technical and dress rehearsals December 5-8, times TBD.