Creative Writing

Dates and Guidelines for Submissions to Classes

Registering for creative writing courses requires that students submit a writing sample and state for which course they are applying. Please tell us whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, and—if relevant—which other writing courses you have taken.

The due date for
Spring 2018 classes is
Noon on Wednesday, November 15.

The facts about writing samples

  1. Writing samples for prose courses (201-Short Story, 207, 321) should consist of 3-5 pages of prose (creative or otherwise). Samples should be submitted to Peter Rock's Eliot mailbox. Samples sent by email will not be considered.

  2. Writing samples for poetry courses should consist of 3-5 pages of creative work and should be submitted to Samiya Bashir via email: Hard copies will not be considered.

  3. They are due at noon on Wednesday during the week of registration. For Fall 2018 courses, writing samples will be due in April during pre-registration (and decisions will be made at that time). Writing samples can also be submitted at any time prior to the due date. Early submissions are appreciated.

  4. Students will be alerted via e-mail during pre-registration, if possible by the Friday of the first week of registration.

  5. A second deadline, for late registration, is at noon on Wednesday of the week of late registration. This deadline is only for students returning from a leave. There may or may not be space for these students.

* Please check the course catalog or courses page for individual course requirements.
* Please address questions to Samiya Bashir or Peter Rock.