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Peer Health Advocates


The Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student staff in the Community Wellness Office who offer peer-driven health promotion programming. The PHAs treat health and wellness as a global process. What that means is that they consider health as something we are all engaged in and striving towards, rather than something that can be achieved or lost. If you're interested in connecting with peers or other student groups with a passion for wellness, check out our events calendar or contact us directly!

Be well, your PHAs

Student Staff

Taylor Stinchcomb
photo of Taylor Stinchcomb

I'm Taylor and I'm currently a senior majoring in Environmental Studies/Biology. I'm a Colorado girl born and raised; whose favorite outdoors activities are cycling, hiking, dog-walking, tennis and rowing. I have developed a newfound appreciation for the sky and sunshine since living in Portland, and I can tell you there's no better remedy for stress than a breath of fresh air. While indoors, I enjoy cooking, baking, solving crosswords, watching sports, and playing with kitties. As a PHA, I advocate daily mindfulness, healthy eating, regular exercise, and getting away from the books once in a while. I hope to help fellow students bring balance to their life at Reed. Wellness is a lifelong practice; My best advice? Take a little time each day to find your presence in the moment, then think of one thing that makes you smile.

Hannah Fung-Weiner
photo of Hannah Fung-Weiner

My name is Hannah, and I am a sophomore English Lit major. I am learning flamenco dance, and I like atlases and cats and mountains and aquariums, among ohter things. In my experience, the wonderful intensity of Reed often asks its community members to prioritize everything else over their personal health. The PHA program is important to me because we work to reverse that trend by putting a spotlight on pertinent student wellness topics, like stress management and sexual health.

Molly Spilka
photo of Molly Spilka

I'm Molly and I'm a Biology major senior and this is my second year being a PHA. My interests include issues concerning sexual health, addiction, and mental health. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, crafting, reading, and volunteering at a cat shelter.

Eleanor Pike
Image of Eleanor

Hi, I’m Eleanor, and I’m a sophomore psych/neuro major who loves reading, singing, dancing, and strolling aimlessly around Portland. I grew up in SE, and loved it so much I had to remain for school. I have left the pacific NW for other reasons, most recently to live in Berlin last semester. I love to travel and learn new languages- if you ever want to practice your German or Spanish (or if you want to blow off some stress by teaching me guitar… wishful thinking?), give me a call! I am so glad to be a part of this lovely and talented group of people. Reed is an incredible place, but it can be draining on our mental and physical health, and I urge all students to use the resources available to have the best Reed experience possible.

Rebekah Montz
Image of Rebekah

Hey I am a junior philosophy major and premed student. When I’m not being a student I like to run, listen to music and watch or read anything that will make me laugh or think.  I like being a PHA because it allows me to help improve the reed community and feed my passion for heath.  If you see me around say “Hi” and if you have a question or a problem you think PHA’s could help with don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

Alex Aldersley
photo of alex

 I'm Alex, an Art History major who loves literature, art, space, animals, and hiking mountains. I have a natural interest in mental, physical, and sexual health and am happy to be a part of a team that allows me to combine these interests with my desire to extend my knowledge and support to the Reed community. Feel free to contact with me with and questions or concerns you may have.