Community Wellness

Division of Student Services

Night Owls

A collaboration between Health & Counseling and Community Safety, this program offers students support in staying safe during weekend evenings and special social events.  These extra sets of trained, benevolent eyes roam the campus in the wee hours, offering support such as accompaniment to a residence hall, a snack or some water, friendly conversation, and if needed, a phone call for additional support.

no logoLook out for your Night Owls with their telltale backpack, radio, and water jug. They are a friendly bunch!

Student Staff

Emma Williams-Baron, Night Owl Coordinator

emma photo

I'm a native San Franciscan, a Junior Sociology major, and a returning Night Owl.  Sometimes I bind books and alter old books in artsy ways. I love the silliness of Step Aerobics and a good strong cup of black tea.  I'm looking forward to leaving surprise "hoot hoot from the Night Owls" notes on your dorm whiteboards again this year! In case you're looking for creative uses for all the Night Owl granola bars you've accumulated, I'd recommend using one to stick posters up on your wall, making a bouquet for your favorite professor (like a candy or fruit bouquet, but free for you!), or smearing them all over for a sticky Renn Fayre costume.

Orian Evans

photo of Orian

Orian is a current junior who hails from a small town in rural Oregon. He's studying psychology with a focus on neuroscience.  He's a huge music nerd and has a soft spot for classic 70's rock. Additionally, he loves getting invested in geeky/epic tv shows, his two current favorites being Adventure Time and Game of Thrones. The most interesting thing you can do with a granola bar is crush it into powder and throw it in the air to mask your exit.

Christina Johnson

photo of christina

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Christina is a Biochemistry And Molecular Biology major. She enjoys rainy nights, reading books while drinking tea, and looking at trees.  Her favorite things to do in Portland are eat waffles from the waffle window on Hawthorne and/or have interesting conversations with people at bus stops.  She thinks the most interesting thing that you can do with a Night Owl granola bar, besides eat it, is carve a whole bunch into granola people, make a whole granola city, then put the city in the canyon and film it as the squirrels destroy it, all Squirrelzilla style.

G Luhman


G Luhman I grew up on the East Coast, but moved out here as soon as I was able. I'm studying chemistry through the Environmental Studies program and have a passion for kreating konstruktive kommunities. I love to spend time walking around and spreading good vibes, and know that something as small as a few words and a granola bar can mean the difference between a good night and a terrible one. Other than eating the granola bar, my favorite use is squirrel bait, because who doesn’t love our furry neighbors.

Nicole Ezell


I'm an indecisive possible bio-physics major from Austin, TX. I love anything food related, from the show Chopped to cheese to chocolate, and I've currently been working on improving my illustration and hula hooping skills. And I really love dogs! All animals, really, but especially dogs. I've recently broken my League of Legends addiction by getting into Magic: the Gathering, and if I had a bunch of extra granola bars, I'd build little human-shaped inuksuit to guide people around campus.

Hannah Looney


I am a sophomore French Literature major from Saint Joseph, Missouri, the town "Where the West began and Jesse James ended".  When I'm feeling delusional about how much reading I have to do, I like to birdwatch in the canyon and listen to the blues with my Mad Science dormmates.  You may have seen my work in the Reed's esteemed publication, The Pamphlette.  I'm so thrilled to be a Night Owl and can't wait to prowl around in the campus seeking the succor of Reedies.  Arguably the best use for a granola bar is to wield it as leverage in a diplomatic negotiation with Denmark.

Anthony Leong


Hi, my name's Anthony.  I'm a humanitarian, a writer, a romantic.  I'm from Los Angeles, where I like the food and nothing else. Here in Portland, I like the food and many other things.  I like Hawthorne, I like Powell's, and I like the bikeability.  I bike everywhere.  Additionally, I am a competent juggler and pool player—more the latter than the former.  With a Night Owl granola bar, one could mix it with some milk, pop it in a blender, and drink that stuff. I think that qualifies as interesting—and it's not eating it!

Stella Ziegler


I'm a junior anthropology major, but my heart belongs to the theatre department. I was born and raised in Cupertino, California, and I spent the summer in Ecuador volunteering, traveling, and climbing mountains. I love singing in choruses, long-distance swimming, baking cookies, stormy weather, and cutting up magazines to make collages. The best thing to do with Night Owl granola bars (besides eating them) is to stack them up, brick by brick, until you have an impenetrable fortress and then cuddle up inside with a mug of tea and a boo

Nicole Thompson


I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but feel much more at home in Portland. I might be a sociology major. I love reading (especially books by Terry Pratchett) and video games. I also enjoy exercising, and I try to go on hikes whenever the weather is permitting. If you don't eat your granola bar right away, you can stockpile it for the zombie apocalypse! You can never be too prepared.

Will Holdhusen


I'm a sophomore Physics major from Whitefish, Montana.  In my expansive volumes of spare time, I run and do music things and have all the fun.  I find granola bars to be quite dull and generally give them very little thought.