Community Wellness

Division of Student Services

Reed's Community Wellness Program collaborates across departments with staff, faculty and students to offer outreach activities and promote resources aimed to enhance student wellness and foster a culture of wellbeing at Reed.


Community Wellness provides support for student wellbeing with the help of two teams of student employees: Peer Health Advocates and Night Owls. These ~20 students work compassionately and creatively to implement inclusive outreach programming and connect students with wellness resources that help Reedies find balance and stay safe during their time at Reed (and beyond)!

How much ketchup is too much ketchup?

How much ketchup is too much ketchup? Ask Physics major Mike Sommer '16.

Honor in an Avocado Pit

Check out a recent Grail article about honor at Reed, written by Maddy Applebaum!

Reedies Unwind

pha logo Drop by Community Wellness for casual crafting, cool cartoons, comfy couches, and chill conversation with fellow Reedies and your friendly neighborhood Peer Health Advocates! Snacks, tea, and superb company; Mondays 5-7pm, GCC 103

Submit your story to the Honor Chronicles!

nightowlA message from the Night Owls:
Do you have any stories of times you have helped people around you when they were having a rough night? Do you want to share your experiences of honot-in-action? Check out the Honor Chronicles, at:
to see a living record of what honor looks like!
We are not the only ones who walk people home, keep a sick person company, de-escalate conflict, or remind a friend to drink water between beers.
Hoot hoot!

Questions? Get in touch with our Program Intern!

Chase Doremus

photo of chase

Hi! I'm Chase, a sophomore math major who grew up in rural Nebraska. Since leaving home four years ago, I have worked as an intern for a couple of nonprofits and as a political field organizer on several progressive LGBTQ campaigns across the country. My patronus is a golden retriever puppy, and I love to knit, sew, quilt, sing (poorly), read fiction, and write code. At Reed I participate in the Transgender Peer Support Group and am a member of the Judicial Board, in addition to working for the Community Wellness Program and the Bookstore. I believe that as members of a community we have a responsibility to take care of each other. I would be excited to help you out if you have questions or concerns, or if you need help finding a resource. Feel free to get in touch with me any time.