Computing & Information Services

Hello Incoming Students!

Congratulations on your admission to Reed College. We look forward to meeting you in the fall of 2016. Before then, we expect you might have some questions about computing and hope this brief introduction will help get you started.

Reed is primarily an Apple campus and we are the on-site Apple Campus Store. There is also an on-site Apple Service Center. Both services are conveniently located in the Educational Technology Center (ETC) and both are owned and operated by Reed College.

While the majority of students and faculty use Macs, there are many who use Windows computers instead of or along with their Macs.  Our Computer User Services staff (also located in ETC) offer a high level of software support for both Mac and Windows computers.

In late June or early July, you will receive a mailing from the Computer Store with details on our Back-to-School Specials, including pricing. We will also provide recommendations for Windows computer purchases and information that will help you to ensure that your machine's configurations will be compatible with Reed's computing environment.

We hope you enjoy browsing our web pages. If you have other questions, please do email or call us.

Best wishes for a relaxing summer! 

The Reed Computer Store staff

IMPORTANT: We cannot sell to you until you are admitted, have paid all your fees, and your admission can be verified for us by the Office of the Registrar. You will need your Reed ID# to purchase from us. If you visit us in person to place an order, you will need your Reed ID card, or a photo ID along with a piece of mail from Reed that includes your Reed ID#. For more information, please visit the Eligibility page