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List of Technology Exploration Projects


Charlene Makley, Image Archiving with Portfolio view report


Ethan Jackson, 3-D Graphics Animation view report


Keith Karoly, Vascular Plant Diversity view report
Stephen Yezerinac, Avian Nesting and Bioacoustic Studies
view report


Ellen Millender, Image Library for Classics and Humanities 110 view report


Patricia Wong, Dance and Technology view report


Laura Arnold, Workshop on Technology in Teaching
Robert Knapp, XML Annotation of Literary Texts view report
Lois Leveen, Visible Knowledge Project


Michael Breen, Digital Publishing
Doug Fix, Formosa: Nineteenth-century Images view report


Karin Whalen, Digitization for Cultural Heritage Information Professionals Workshop view report


Joe Buhler, Algebraic Number Theory view report


Mark Bedau, Artificial Life Studies view report

Dynamics of Cultural Evolution view report

Paul Hovda, Evaluating Pedagogical Logic Softwareview report



John Essick, Video-Based Experiments for Introductory Physics view report


Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez, Perceptual Experiment Controls

Jennifer Henderlong, Regression Analyses view report

Allen Neuringer, Animal Core Lab view report

Katheryn Oleson, Web Resources to Support a Departmental Transition to SPSSview report

Dell Rhodes, SuperLab Pro Software Evaluation

Steven St. John, Sensory Data Analysis


Ken Brashier, China and Chinese Religions:
Development of a Digital Image Library
view report


Alexandra Hrycak, Qualitative Data Analysis view report


Cara Carr, Costume Design
Max Muller, CAD Graphics in Scenic and Lighting Design


Product Evaluation

Fred Lifton, Faculty Multimedia Lab: view report

  • image database management (Portfolio)
  • IP videoconferencing (VideoLink Pro)
  • high-resolution, low-cost digital microscopy (ProScope)
  • portable, high-density digital storage for sound recording (iPod)
  • direct translation of free-hand notebook notes to Palm Pilot (Smartpad)
  • wireless access-point hardware
  • digital video cameras
  • digital slide scanners
  • digital cameras
  • Palm Pilot Tungsten T handheld computers

Jim Holmes, Using Infra-red Capture Technology view report

Ben Poliakoff and Ethan Benatan, Mobile Communication view report

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