Using the mLab

You have a few options on how to get started in the mLab, depending on whether you have a quick question or want to launch a major project. Your faculty ID will let you into the lab 24/7; you can come explore and work any time.

  • Drop-in consulting. Our professional and student staff are often on hand to help you with quick questions; see the mLab calendar.
  • Scheduled consulting or training. To ensure one-on-one attention, or to work with a particular person, drop us a note to to set up a time.
  • Assistance with your project. ITS staff may be able to support you with your project. We may be able to assign student staff to work on your project with you, and we can also train your student assistants.
  • Videoconferencing. If you want to use the lab for videoconferencing, check our online schedule for conflicts and drop us a note to make a reservation.
Not sure if your project is right for the mLab? We are happy to chat about it. Here's a description of what we do.