mLab large size scanner


The mLab caters to all of your scanning needs! We're especially excited about our two ScanSnap multi-sheet scanners. Just insert the stack of letter-sized paper (alternatively, the ScanSnap scanners can also process A4, B5 and A5 sized paper) you wish to scan, press go, and the machine does the rest - conveniently creating one Acrobat PDF file out of all the seperate pages, automatically. The PDF file will be saved to the desktop of the computer the scanner is connected to.

Out large scale scanner, the Epson 10000 XL, can scan documents up to A3 size (11.69 x 16.54 inches) in extremely high resolutions for professional use, while our smaller size Epson 2450 flatbed is ideal for scanning books or photographs.

If you have any questions about scanning, please ask our lab attendants or send us an email!

Scan Snap scanner