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This document contains important last-minute information about Meeting Maker Calendar. Please read it carefully before installing or using Meeting Maker Calendar. For information on installing and using Meeting Maker Calendar, see the Meeting Maker Calendar Online Help or the Getting Started Guide.

Last Updated: November 27, 2007

What's New in the Meeting Maker Admin v8.7.0

Meeting Change Notification Enhancement

You can now enable or disable meeting change notification. When you enable this feature, guests must re-accept a meeting if the agenda, title, guests, location, or the meeting time changes. By default, this option is disabled: Guests are not notified if the agenda, title, or guests change. Guests must always re-accept a meeting if the location or the meeting time changes. If you change one or more occurances of a recurring meeting but not all occurances, all guests will need to re-accept.

What's New in the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.6.3

New HTML Client

A new HTML client is now available for Meeting Maker.  This new HTML client features drag-and-create functionality for meetings and banners in the calendar view, and also the ability to drag-and-drop a meeting to a new time in the calendar view.  You can also now accept or decline an invitation from the calendar view, without having to open the invitation.  You can also view a proxy�s calendar side-by-side with your own calendar.

NotifyLink for Meeting Maker Servlet Update

New for Administrators is a Super User feature for the NotifyLink for Meeting Maker servlet, eliminating the need to re-set a user�s password for Meeting Maker every time a password is reset.


What's New in the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.6.2

Universal Binary Installer

A universal binary installer is now available for Meeting Maker.  When you install Meeting Maker, the installer will detect which architecture you are using, and install the client accordingly.  No additional steps are required. 


An Email Address is Now Required

An email address is now required in User Information. When you update your user information in Meeting Maker, you must make sure an email address exists in the Email Address field. Your changes to User Information will not be saved until you enter an email address. If your administrator has added an email address to your account, you may want to check it in User information. To view or edit User Information, click the Edit menu and then User Info.

Updated Time Zone Definitions

Meeting Maker v8.6.0 has been updated with all of the changes in time zone rules throughout the world. Most notably, the United States has enacted the "Energy Policy Act of 2005" which will change daylight savings time, starting in 2007 on the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November. All currently scheduled events that cross one or both of these dates in affected time zones will be adjusted to occur at the correct times.

What's New in the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.5.3

iCalendar Enhancements

iCalendar support allows you to send meeting invitations to people and calendars outside of your organization. Several important enhancements for iCalendar functionality have been added to the native Meeting Maker Calendar application.

The Meeting Maker native Calendar can become the default calendar application for iCalendar and .vcs attachments [9048]. During the installation of the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.5.3 on Windows, you can choose to make Meeting Maker the default application for iCalendar items. After installation on Macintosh, you can now CTRL-click on an .ics file, and select Open With... Meeting Maker Calendar.

The Meeting Maker native calendar now supports iCalendar "All day" banners and untimed events [14242 & 14878].

You can now import more than 20 iCalendar attachments at a time [9494].

During an iCalendar import, if any records contain errors - a record has been formatted incorrectly, for example - the import will now skip any record that contains an error[14877].

You can now open iCalendar files specified on the command line [13581]. In a Windows command prompt, you can run <path to meeting maker calendar>\mm.exe -ics "full path to ics file". For example:
"C:\Program Files\meetingmaker\mm.exe" -ics "c:\temp\varsitygames.ics"

In a Terminal screen on Macintosh, you can run <path to meeting maker calendar>/Meeting\ Maker\ Calendar -ics "full path to ics file". For example:
/Applications/meetingmaker/Meeting\ Maker\ Calendar -ics "/tmp/varsitygames.ics"

Contact/Address Book Printing Enhancements

When you print a contact, the Custom and Info fields will now be printed if they are not empty.

Group View Printing [9455]

You can now print the schedule for a group of accounts that are in the Group View. To print the schedule for a group of accounts that are in the Group View:

  1. Open the Group View (Click View and then Group View).
  2. Add users, locations, and resources to the Group View.
  3. Click File and then Print Schedule. The Print Schedule window appears.
  4. In the Form drop-down menu, choose Group View.
  5. You can choose the page layout in the Page field.
  6. You can specify additional print options by clicking on the Form Options button.
  7. Click OK to print the Group View.

Text Export Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the Text Export functionality in the Meeting Maker native Calendar. When you export Meetings and To Dos to Text, meeting guests and To Do participants are now included in the export [12254]. When you export your calendar to text, banners are now exported [14702]. If you have declined a single instance of a recurring meeting, the declined instance is no longer included when you export your calendar to text[13493].

What's New in the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.5.1

Classic View

You can use Classic View to display more hours during the day in the Daily View.

Publish to HTML Automatically

You can publish your calendar in HTML format by using the Publish feature in the Meeting Maker Client. You can choose how often to refresh the HTML calendar with updated information, as well as the range of dates to publish.

Create Events on Date Selected

When you create a new event (meeting, activity, or banner) from the taskbar or the File menu, the event is created on the date you have selected in the Monthly Navigator instead of the current date.

What's New in the Meeting Maker Calendar v8.0 - v8.5.0

New User Interface and Streamlined Workflow

The calendar interface has been updated and access to features has been streamlined.

HTML Client

Your Meeting Maker administrator can install the HTML Client to allow users to quickly access their calendar from any Web navigator.

Export and Import iCalendar Objects

iCalendar support allows you to send meeting invitations to people and calendars outside of your organization.

Task Bar Links to Commonly Used Functions

�Change to a Day, Week, Month or Text View
�Change to a Group View
�Show Proxies in your Calendar
�Create Activity, Meeting, Banner, or a To Do Item
�Move to a different date in any calendar view using the Calendar Navigator

Enhanced E-mail Functionality

You can now contact attendees and send them attachments using your own email client while you are creating or viewing a meeting.

Integrated Group View

The Master Schedule has been enhanced and is now known as the Group View. You can use the Group View to view the availability of a group of Meeting Maker users, resources, or locations. If you include proxies in your Group View, you may be able to view and work with the schedules of your proxies from the Group View, if your environment allows it.

Side-by-Side Proxies

When you show a proxy in your Daily View, the proxy�s schedule appears side by side with your own, with a separate column for that proxy in each day.

Recurring Banners

You can create banners that recur at regular intervals.

New Text View

The Text View provides a simple list of events by day. The time of each event appears in the left margin of the text view. The text view lists the title and location of each event. It also lists the proposer of meetings you did not propose.

Edit Events from the Daily View

You can now change the title of an event and perform other changes directly from the Daily View.

Pencil-in Meetings

Incoming meeting invitations can now appear on your calendar as penciled-in meetings. Penciled-in meetings do not affect busy time until you accept them. You can accept or decline them directly from your calendar.

New Meeting Maker Modules

Meeting Maker Connector for Microsoft� Outlook� (MMCO)

The Meeting Maker Connector for Microsoft Outlook (MMCO) is a software application that integrates the collaborative scheduling features of Meeting Maker Millennium into Microsoft Outlook. The MMCO enables Meeting Maker and Microsoft Outlook users throughout an organization to schedule events and reserve resources using either application. Contact your Meeting Maker administrator to learn more.

NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker

Meeting Maker administrator can install NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker from Notify Technology to let you synchronize your Meeting Maker account with your wireless device, and perform many other functions, including the ability to read, compose, reply, forward and delete emails; view and edit attachments; maintain calendar and contacts; schedule meetings, accept or decline meeting requests; undertake scheduled and forced synchronization's; and robust filtering. NotifyLink for Meeting Maker is a third-party solution by Notify Technology that offers the broadest possible wireless device support of almost any enterprise solution on the market today. Your administrator can contact Notify Technology at or to learn more about NotifyLink for Meeting Maker.

Known Issues in Meeting Maker Calendar

Selecting Agenda Text [8424]

If a user clicks and drag-selects from top to bottom the agenda text in a recurring event or as a guest of a meeting, the last line of text will not be selected on Windows.

Showing Proxies in Your Calendar [8797]

When you right-click on a proxy's event to label it while that proxy is shown side-by-side in your calendar, the dropdown label menu incorrectly shows your label colors rather than the proxy's label colors. However, if you add a label to an event, it correctly uses the proxy's colors.

SSL on Windows 98 [12077]

SSL is not an available protocol on Windows 98 machines. TCP is the only protocol available.

Offline Share Calendar Changes [10761]

Changes made to the proxies list in Share calendar window when you work offline are not saved when a user logs in. Only changes made while online are saved

Drag-create two or More Meetings [5068]

Creating two or more meetings in the daily view by dragging only allows you to type in a title on the first meeting. The word "Untitled" will automatically be inserted as the title of the other meetings.

Resizing the Banner Area [12714]

Resizing the banner area in the daily view does not stick if the main window is closed before you sign out or exit the application.

Font Type and Size for Contacts [4075]

The font type and size for contacts and To Dos are set to the system font.

PeopleCube Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed above, are looking for additional information, or need assistance, please contact your Meeting Maker administrator.