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Reed's Wireless Network

Reednet vs. Reed1x

Those who want to use wireless at Reed will see two networks available--Reednet and Reed1x. Reednet is an open, un-encrypted wireless network for those who want to get online at Reed. It's useful for guests, parents, and campus visitors.  Reed1x is a WPA2-encrypted network that can be used by students, staff, faculty and alumni. Guests and visitors cannot join the Reed1x network.

Who should use Reed1x

Reed1x can be used by all Reed community members. Since it is encrypted it provides some measure of protection against eavesdropping; however only end-to-end encryption should be trusted (e.g. https or ssh connections). It requires re-authentication each time you connect. Most newer operating systems can connect to WPA2 networks with no additional setup. Windows XP, Vista, or other OS users may need to install additional software.

If you are unsure which wireless network to use, please contact CUS; administrative staff should contact ACS.

How to connect to Reed1x

Windows users, please follow these setup instructions.
  1. Select Reed1x from your list of wireless networks.
  2. Your machine will prompt you for your name and password.
  3. Reed community members (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) can enter their Kerberos username and password. You may see a notice about the certification; you can "continue" past this.
  4. You should now be able to use the network.

Guests or conference attendees should use the instructions below for connecting to Reednet. Users of an unsupported OS who need to connect to Reed1x should contact CUS or ACS for help.

On some Android devices (possibly newer versions of the OS), Reed1x doesn't work out of the box. You have to press and hold on the Reed1x network > advanced config. Change the "Phase 2 authentication" to none. Then enter your username in the "identity" field and then your password.

How to connect to Reednet

  1. Select Reednet from your list of wireless networks.
  2. Open a web browser and you will automatically be directed to Reed's network registration page.
  3. Reed community members (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) should click on the Reed Community Member option and then enter their Kerberos username and password.
  4. Conference attendees should obtain a username and password from their event coordinator.
  5. After registering, quit out of your web browser and you're ready to surf the web!

Wireless Coverage

Wireless is available in almost all buildings on campus, as well as some outdoor areas. See the map below for details on which areas of campus are covered.

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Wireless Map

Please contact the CUS Help Desk if you have any questions or problems accessing Reed's wireless network.