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Foreign Characters in Word X

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts we provide on this page, we also offer help with Cyrillic characters and diacritical marks.

When Writing in Foreign Characters

  1. Go to the Tools menu, and select Language.
  2. Select the language you are writing in.
  3. When you select Spelling and Grammar from the Tools menu, you will be able to spell check in the correct language.
If you are writing a document with multiple languages, select each chunk of the different languages and follow step 1 through 3. Then each section will be checked in its correct language.

Typing Foreign Characters

There are many keyboard shortcuts on the mac for inserting characters. To insert a character with an accent, type the key combination then the letter you want to insert.

For example, if you want to type á, you would press Option + e, then press the a key. If you want a capitalized accented letter, you would press the letter key and the Shift key.

French Special Characters

  • ê (accent circumflex): Option + i.
  • ü (accent tréma): Option + u.
  • á,é,í (accent acute): Option + e.
  • à,è,ì (accent grave): Option + `.
  • ç (accent cedilla): Option + c.

German Special Characters

  • ü (umlaut): Option + u.
  • ß (esset): Option + s.

Spanish Special Characters

  • á,é,í (accent): Option + e.
  • ñ (accent tilde): Option + n.
  • ü (umlaut): Option + u.
  • ¿ (upside-down question mark): Option + Shift + /.
  • ¡ (upside-down exclamation point): Option + 1.

Other Special Characters

  • ø: Option + o.
  • è: Option + `.
  • ñ: Option + n.
  • å: Option + a.
  • ü: Option + u.
  • ç: Option + c.

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