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Stata is a statistical analysis package used by faculty and students, mainly in the division of History and Social Sciences and the Psychology department. It is a keyed software, available to Reed students on-campus in the PPW, the IRCs, and the library. (Students can also purchase the software for a discounted rate; check with your professors or K.Bott for details.)

There are a variety of web-based resources for Stata; some favorites are listed below. (The Statistical Consulting Group at UCLA has one of the most comprehensive collections, with good resources for both Stata and statistical work in general.)

Introductory Resources

Introduction to Stata (Princeton)

Two-Page Stata (University of Michigan)

Stata Starter Kit (UCLA)

K.Bott's presentation from Data Analysis Using Stata workshop


General resources

Stata from UCLA - specific analyses, how to choose analyses, notes on programming, data management, and more.

Stata Help Page from Kathy Oleson, Psychology (Reed)

Data ManagementGraphics, and Programming (Princeton)

Statalist archive - find announcements of new packages, updates, and up-to-date user questions/answers. For up-to-date information, subscribe to Statalist.



Have a suggestion for another resource? A submission for the "Favorite Stata Command" list? Questions about how to use Stata, issues with accessing the software, or other adventures - please contact Kristin Bott. I'm happy to meet up and look at your data, troubleshoot code, etc.

Stata/SDA office hours, Spring 2013 = Monday, 3-4:30 pm in the PPW (Eliot 110).

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