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ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS, like its open-source QGIS, allows you to perform spatial analyses, produce high-quality maps of your results, and add spatial context to through maps. Students can access ArcGIS on the Windows machines in the Reference Room and Reading Room in the Hauser Library and in ETC 205 (Windows side of dual-boot machines) during business hours.

Faculty and students conducting research projects for faculty may access ArcGIS on the dual-boot iMacs in the mLab in the ETC. For faculty, CUS can install a keyless copy of ArcGIS on your Windows computer (or the Windows side of your Mac computer using Bootcamp). Students are eligible for a free copy of ArcGIS for one year while they are enrolled in classes. (Non-students can purchase ArcGIS software through the ArcGIS for personal use program.)

Resources for ArcGIS Training

A wide range of self-paced online training classes focused on ArcGIS software is available through ESRI's Virtual Campus. You can sign up for many of these classes on your own. Reed faculty, students, and staff can sign up for "paid" classes free of charge by contacting Kristin Bott, associate director of instructional technology.

All classes require ArcGIS software, so you will most likely need to take them on campus. If you are just starting with ArcGIS, we recommend Learning ArcGIS Desktop as a first course.

Faculty who address GIS concepts in their courses can request up to three free books every quarter from ESRI Press.


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about GIS at Reed, please contact Kristin Bott.


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