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External Hard Drive Backup

For Mac OS X and Windows XP

  1. Acquire an external hard drive. You can buy one at the Computer Store in the ETC.
  2. Plug in the power supply to the drive.
  3. Attach the drive to your computer, via a USB or Firewire cable.
  4. Turn on your computer, and turn on the external drive.

Mac OS X:
A new icon will appear on your desktop. This is your external hard drive. You can treat it just like your internal hard drive, and drag and drop files on it to back them up. To remove the device, drag its icon to the trashcan.

Windows XP:
Open up My Computer. You'll see an icon for an external storage device. You can drag and drop your important files right into the drive. To remove the hard drive, right-click on its icon and choose the "Disconnect hardware" option.

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